'Something' Beautiful Chillstep Mix #24

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 22, 2015
  • More of the most epic and beautiful chillstep featured here in this new mix!


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    Picture by Andreas Rocha :

    ♫ Tracklist;

    ►0:00 - AZEDIA - Something (Rameses B Remix)
    ►4:29 - Sector5, Creepa & Subsets - Flight
    ►7:40 - Sappheiros - Memories
    ►12:29 - Finding Hope - Wonder
    ►15:57 - Kindred - Embrace
    ►20:05 - Arpyem ft. Jessica Main - A Place For Me (AK Remix)
    ►22:46 - KTSG - Timeless
    ►26:17 - Two Ways - These Years
    ►29:34 - Sappheiros - Fragments
    ►35:03 - Andy Leech - Solitude
    ►38:22 - Sappheiros - Reason to Smile
    ►42:09 - Almaa - It was us
    ►45:16 - Seasons - Coming Storm
    ►49:07 - ZRiS - Renewal
    ►52:06 - Adam Hinden - September Storm
    ►54:44 - KISNOU - Our Endless Dreams
    ►58:18 - Electus - The Beauty In The Land Apart From Time

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  • Diamond Dust
    Diamond Dust  5 months ago

    Adore this series.

    It's not just the music, it's the tiny attention to detail. The screenshot blazes on in solid motion, enough to burn a few pixels or two out on your TV/monitor potentially, but do you see those upwardly rising dashes of white light? Saved your screen those badboys 👍

  • sf
    sf  7 months ago

    just wow!

  • MystkOW
    MystkOW  2 years ago

    this is the best song from Rameses B. I found it in a chillstep mix on spotify with 186 songs in that playlist and I always start the playlist with this song thank you MixHound

  • The Dude
    The Dude  2 years ago

    This is wonderful. I love all of you.

  • Christina Kin
    Christina Kin  2 years ago


  • Brandon Christina
    Brandon Christina  2 years ago

    man i wish these had download links :/

  • Julian Blackshaw
    Julian Blackshaw  3 years ago +1

    Good shit

  • clint rogan
    clint rogan  3 years ago

    its always good

  • tommy holton
    tommy holton  3 years ago +1

    fun to listen to while mushroom tripping💙

  • Talon Nyswonger
    Talon Nyswonger  3 years ago

    You having Alan Watts in the first song made me listen to his lectures, then go back to this, and i swear i reached a state of perfect zen for about an hour. Thank u XD

  • Odirile Mondlane
    Odirile Mondlane  3 years ago +1

    ..late night study background music!! MixHound does it for me, i really love't! Love from Botswana

  • Sebastian Mende
    Sebastian Mende  3 years ago

    sieht aus wie ein Photo. Ich bin nicht viel unterwegs. Ist das irgendwo im mittleren Osten?

  • Jaxxie Hey Willow
    Jaxxie Hey Willow  3 years ago +1

    Best stuff to chill to when I wake

  • Hong Edward
    Hong Edward  3 years ago +3

    I listened to this for 1 and a half hour doing nothing, I think I have no life

  • Kyle McCall
    Kyle McCall  3 years ago

    . . .And then feels

  • Klorel
    Klorel  3 years ago

    first time i get in touch with chillstep...wow cant stop listening

  • Tercera :D
    Tercera :D  3 years ago

    So relaxing

  • Pat Navarro
    Pat Navarro  3 years ago

    finals revision co-pilot

  • thesparkkrazy
    thesparkkrazy  3 years ago

    nice track. But I could've done without the nihilistic audio bytes

  • Enlightened Soul
    Enlightened Soul  3 years ago

    who the fuck would dislike this