'El Chapo' found guilty by jury in Brooklyn federal court

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  • Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was found guilty on all 10 counts, including drug trafficking and engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise.

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    Drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman found guilty on all 10 charges

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  • richard sandler valle

    You guys should put him in Area 51 lmao

  • richard sandler valle

    Nah i dont think he can escape cus USA is dead serious so like 🤜🏻😎

  • majed elali
    majed elali  yesterday

    You make seem so wrong that he got convicted. As if we all didn't already know he would be found guilty.

  • Daniel Gaming
    Daniel Gaming  yesterday

    Who is your favorite heroe

    Me: el chapo

  • Tony Lobato
    Tony Lobato  yesterday

    Shit my uncle did 30 years my cousin did 19. They just got out. Why I feel sorry for them is because they could have stopped anytime or took a different direction in life. They missed so much family time.

  • Saddam Hussain
    Saddam Hussain  yesterday

    El chapo has fukked it big time...he not going anywhere from ADX FLORENCE

  • Kenneth Phipps
    Kenneth Phipps  yesterday

    They cant hold CHAPO

  • Kenneth Phipps
    Kenneth Phipps  yesterday

    He is taking note of those DEA agents they prob wont live long

  • Steven Winterhill

    Soulless like Michael Myers....😲

  • Green Eyez
    Green Eyez  2 days ago


  • Anthony Sutherland

    Free El Chapo 🤟🏿

  • ILL Sean
    ILL Sean  2 days ago

    He looks like he wishes he paid more attention in the 1st grade.

  • Mtoky lke
    Mtoky lke  2 days ago

    Free EL CHAPO

  • sam phi
    sam phi  2 days ago

    Nearly a year later I wonder how he is now? Probably just living a quiet life and minding his own business. Gone recluse!

  • easy street
    easy street  2 days ago

    Now lock up all his relatives including his well informed wife.

  • Ralph Latham
    Ralph Latham  3 days ago

    He has a look of clinging desperately through a mask of horror to some thin sliver if hope.

  • jerry donoher
    jerry donoher  3 days ago

    Ha he crying no matter how much ya cry imagine the family's u killed

  • Jerome Brooks
    Jerome Brooks  4 days ago

    Media will tell and sell anything for people to believe

  • Mixed Sleuth
    Mixed Sleuth  4 days ago

    They will never catch "El Mayo" Zambada

  • Sun Cease
    Sun Cease  4 days ago

    C.I.A, FBI, and all the other agencies needed to take out the competition the u.s government wants 100% control of narcotics