Bodied Rap Battles - Adam vs Megaton Final Battle

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
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    Bodied Movie Produced by Eminem

    This clip is the battle between Adam and Megaton Final Rap Battle

    DISCLAIMER : The following video clip belongs to Eminem, Adi Shankar, Paul Rosenberg, Jil Hardin

    Movie Link :


  • Kenny Jamison
    Kenny Jamison  an hour ago

    I just came home from doing 6 is this really a fuckn movie?😭😭😭

  • Dakota Matz
    Dakota Matz  an hour ago

    The fuq is this shit.........

  • D W
    D W  an hour ago

    This had to be the worst blaxploitation film I've seen this year

  • Demons Rain
    Demons Rain  2 hours ago

    Suicide bomber cause you got the eyes of an angry bird

  • Moykaaa
    Moykaaa  2 hours ago

    very cringy actually

  • Roman Black
    Roman Black  3 hours ago

    Dizaster knows how to put on an act even when he’s not doin a movie like this....

  • Track Stars Music
    Track Stars Music  7 hours ago

    Haven't seen this yet, looks terrible. Love Eminem, but this looks corny as fuck.

  • Miguel Hendrix
    Miguel Hendrix  9 hours ago

    That was trash

  • Ralf Bilkenbiel
    Ralf Bilkenbiel  9 hours ago

    The end was so corny I am glad I didn't have to pay for it

  • Scrim G59
    Scrim G59  12 hours ago

    This shit such cringe hahaha

  • Chronic Mute
    Chronic Mute  14 hours ago

    Dez from Austin & Ally snapped in the corniest way 😭😭😭😭

  • Papua Boy
    Papua Boy  15 hours ago

    this was directed by an 6 years old or what?

  • Patrick Newman
    Patrick Newman  16 hours ago

    This was definitely a movie cause diz KILT EM!!

  • Isaiah Ellison
    Isaiah Ellison  17 hours ago

    Hey zeke

  • Сима
    Сима  17 hours ago

    Idk why they picked this guy... not saying he's a bad actor, but jesus man he's not meant to play this role

  • Dante Devilian
    Dante Devilian  17 hours ago

    No mic?😅

  • Сима
    Сима  17 hours ago

    You can't pronounce "CHOPPER JAMS" like that and not make me turn the video off

  • Itroll14
    Itroll14  18 hours ago +1

    Lmao this is corny af

  • Francis Manancis
    Francis Manancis  18 hours ago

    Thought the protagonist was supposed to be likeable. I want to punch the shit out of this cornball

  • Beast Gamer
    Beast Gamer  19 hours ago

    *When you listen to emeniem for the first time*