Bodied Rap Battles - Adam vs Megaton Final Battle

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 29, 2018
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  • Joseph Tavarez  5 months ago

    Bro what episode of Austin and Ally is this??!!!?!

  • Michael Easthope  2 days ago

    This is a movie called bodied

  • Dumb Kingツ  3 days ago

    @Noahlious that's not him

  • XX bonez  5 months ago

    When Disney doesn't pay enough

  • life is strange  1 months ago


  • Heather Alawawda  2 months ago

    Oh no you didn’t lmao

  • Vastly  6 months ago

    "He went to Cranbrook, thats a private school!"

  • Smimi 2  19 days ago

    Looking like a cyclone hit youTank top screaming Lotto *I don’t fit you*

  • Its Maniac  22 days ago

    His real names Clarence

  • Mr Deibid  2 months ago

    "I just murder my own friend so you should know I feel nothing."That one really breaks me up every time.

  • Shadow Ling  yesterday

    Ikr lmao

  • 8 mile had better raps, but the buildup in this is insane

  • Young Gods  4 days ago

    Chyleen Lopez here is 20+ off the top of my head that’s better then Eminem Royce da 59 ,immortal technique ,lupe fiasco ,krs-1 ,MF Doom ,black thought ,kool g rap ,crooked i ,dizaster ,diabolic ,rakim ,loaded lux ,aesop rock ,big pun ,k rino ,nas ,ghostface killa ,danny Meyers ,diabolic ,pharoahe munch ,illogic ,redman ,big L ,murda mook ,Charlie clips ,and many more

  • Young Gods  4 days ago

    Chyleen Lopez so u just another Eminem San dick rider who can’t admit when someone better then him when he reality she probably ain’t even in the top 20 rappers

  • illushion  6 months ago

    who else thought it said megatron

  • Lamneichin Haokip  22 days ago

    I thought it said megacorporation

  • Brandt Spies  1 months ago

    Mandela effect at it's best folks

  • I can’t take this guy seriously

  • JonnY-B-CooL  24 days ago

    @Addicted On hip hop i thought so too , wudv not been as funny if serious

  • Richie Dreams  3 months ago

    He ain't no Rapper, he's an actor but in a interview he even said he didn't know how to rap but learned and got better so aye at least it's better than however he sounded before lmao

  • ADTV _  5 months ago

    The fact that he used to be in Austin and ally😂😂

  • SiD tHe kiD  1 months ago

    @Spoon master 69 Dez

  • Spoon master 69  3 months ago

    ADTV _ who was he again

  • Robert Gallups  6 months ago

    I feel like I pretty much just saw the whole movie

  • Shadow Ling  yesterday

    Kharin Simmons Bodied

  • Fact Checker  3 months ago

    @Saitaruto agreed

  • HmongNinjatsu  4 months ago

    Supa hot fire: But I'm not a rapper

  • Dean Zechary  17 days ago

    Am nak a rapper

  • Astrajos ML  18 days ago

    I died XDDDDDDD.