Weekend Update: Pete Davidson & John Mulaney Review Clint Eastwood's The Mule - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • Nikki Hair
    Nikki Hair  5 months ago +3286

    This is like watching Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogs friendship

  • Stephanie Rachelle
    Stephanie Rachelle  5 months ago +3526

    Pete's dark humor tastefully compliments John's happy-go-lucky voice like salt complements pepper- there's a reason both are on the table at every restaurant

  • Lexi Gass
    Lexi Gass  5 months ago +1799

    pete davidson making jokes about his depression while the people around him looked uncomfortable is honestly such a mood

  • Christian Ross
    Christian Ross  7 months ago +4382

    If you look on Andy Garcia's Wikipedia page, it says "In the 2000s, he was rude to comedian John Mulaney at a Los Angeles Lakers game and additionally starred in Ocean's Eleven and its sequels:, Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen, and in The Lost City." God bless whoever put that on there.

  • Brenna-Shea Morrison
    Brenna-Shea Morrison  6 months ago +1594

    Did no one hear Pete say at the end , " I didn't mention her once! " And John just says " You did it!!"
    Progression is reaaaaal. Aw. 💕

  • Kylie McFadden
    Kylie McFadden  7 months ago +1599

    I love John Mulany acting like Pete Davidson’s older brother/mentor

  • Sofia Mori
    Sofia Mori  7 months ago +2970

    This is lowkey the softest, funniest video on the internet I stan mulaney-son

  • Amy G
    Amy G  7 months ago +2886

    Omg.. Pete hiding behind John because he was laughing so much was hilarious.

  • Aiber Lane
    Aiber Lane  7 months ago +3878

    I like how there's a certain sincerity behind the humor here. I feel like John probably joined in here because Pete was a little nervous doing this alone.

  • ultimate shots
    ultimate shots  6 months ago +2122

    Pete Davidson does an inanely controversial thing and has had the worst year of his life and turns it into great comedy, how can u not love him.

  • Sean McNew
    Sean McNew  5 months ago +846

    I love that Mulaney stops to tell him he's loved.

  • jungshoki
    jungshoki  7 months ago +723

    John: Tony Stark
    Pete: Peter Parker

  • Mike Baudistel
    Mike Baudistel  7 months ago +3322

    Davidson and Mulaney Movie Reviews needs to be a weekly segment.

  • Katie McGowan
    Katie McGowan  7 months ago +1271

    This was just the weirdest, most random thing I've ever seen on SNL and it was hilarious. I love the friendship between these two, I love their humor, and I LOVED this video!

  • imeanhonestly ?
    imeanhonestly ?  6 months ago +352

    "I've had one, I'm guessing you've had none"
    "You are correct sir"

  • Jan Rufer
    Jan Rufer  7 months ago +832

    John Mulaney and Pete have a great chemistry. they shoud do something together

  • Joe Nunez
    Joe Nunez  6 months ago +485

    Who here would go see the Mule-aney opening night?

  • Rania Abdulghani
    Rania Abdulghani  7 months ago +939

    Aww, when pete says i never mentioned her once

  • a
    a  5 months ago +464

    “I have a solid 54 years before that window closes”😂

  • Emily Westmark
    Emily Westmark  6 months ago +232

    This radiates chaotic good energy and I love it