Trump's "Secret" Deal with Mexico Put AMLO Ahead (w/ Greg Palast)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 18, 2019
  • Donald Trump's secret deal with Mexico has just been revealed and every journalist is saying that Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador or AMLO for short, beat Trump and had the deal maker put Mexico on top. Greg Palast joins the program to discuss the details of Donald Trump's failed deal with Mexico. Trump’s crimes against humanity continue with 20,000 migrants from Central America passing through Mexico, so he says. Mexico through Greg Palast and president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, ALMO, says that Mexicans are working with Honduras and Guatemala to help migrants financially. The Mexican national guard work at the borders to help slow down immigrants and the Mexican government are investing in Central America. The Trump terror tantrum tells more Trump lies about the Central American migrants and the mainstream media suck it up and don’t report with any accuracy. 📽️ WATCH NEXT: Trump‘s NAFTA 2.0 Exposed! -📕 BOOK: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy -➡️Please Subscribe to Our Channel: SUPPORT THE PROGRAM► Join us on Patreon: where you can also watch a re-run of the three-hour program at any time AUDIO PODCASTS► Subscribe today: NEWSLETTER► Free subscription: THOM► AMAZON :► BLOG :► FACEBOOK :► INSTAGRAM :► PATREON : ► TWITTER :► WEBSITE :► YOUTUBE : THE PROGRAMThe Thom Hartmann Program is the leading progressive political talk radio show for political news and comments about Government politics, be it Liberal or Conservative, plus special guests and callers#MoreFromThom✔ Amazon links are affiliate links


  • catalinacurio
    catalinacurio  2 months ago +48

    This is great, first person I have seen actually going into Mexico proper to tell us the true story from the Mexican perspective. Much more of this please. 👏👏👏💙

  • MrMagoo
    MrMagoo  2 months ago +28

    If Chevron, Exon Mobile, Dole and Monsanto stopped raping South America of it's resources, this wouldn't be a problem....AT ALL!

  • john alley
    john alley  2 months ago +30

    Trump is purposely creating an impossible situation on purpose to punish immagrants motivated by RACISM!!!!!!

  • The Mastermind
    The Mastermind  2 months ago +38

    Greg Palast is one of the true real journalist who lives in the field and gets to the actual truth of whatever he is covering...

  • Kirstin Strand
    Kirstin Strand  2 months ago +20

    Honduras has no rain, poor families cannot afford wells. Asparagus growers are taking the water to grow ASPARAGUS for Americans. Corporations are ruining the WORLD.

  • AuntiJen
    AuntiJen  2 months ago +10

    How can the US GOVERNMENT
    JUSTIFY requiring that the migrants
    seeking SAFETY, file for their ASYLUM in Mexico, when THE US GOVERNMENT has a "TRAVEL ADVISORY" ON MEXICO'S safety?

  • Laurel Rodriguez
    Laurel Rodriguez  2 months ago +20

    Thom Hartman, let me be your editor! Do you mean 'Trump Loses'? Also, the initials for Andrés Manuel López Obrador are AMLO, not ALMO.
    If we decriminalize all drugs we help our own addicts and the cartels crumble.

  • David Beaulieu
    David Beaulieu  2 months ago +8

    Trump hasnt won anything since he cheated the election if you consider that winning.

  • Bijou Smith
    Bijou Smith  2 months ago +9

    They are not climate refugees. Climate change is not yet causing deforestation, capitalism is, they are economic and ecological refugees. Climate change is yet to kick in to this extent. When it does, look out!

  • Carlos Moreno
    Carlos Moreno  2 months ago +15

    I wanted to thank Tom and Greg big fan of you guys; appreciate the passion, and conviccion of justices; also that you take the time to talk about mexico, thank you guys!! As Mexican is important to me that all Americans understand; are new elected president is a good man with big heart, his passion for justices and the willingness to work with the 🇺🇸 to be better partners in safety, in humans rigths protection, business, trades deals. This is personal because I have great American friends that I would take a bullet for them; that's why I been suffering all this time how the 🇺🇸 is been treated around the world because of Trump; the American i know have big hearts like you guys thanks again from a 🇲🇽

  • RB
    RB  2 months ago +6

    "repeaters, not reporters" Great line.

  • Julieta Alcantar-Garcia
    Julieta Alcantar-Garcia  2 months ago +4

    I really enjoy listening to Greg Palast. He is telling the truth about AMLO. I always share his episodes so that my gringo friends know the truth and not MSM lies. Even Univisión lies.

  • Darla Gaub
    Darla Gaub  2 months ago +4

    I wish you both would have also mentioned about sanctions.

  • Jose Jaquez
    Jose Jaquez  2 months ago +5

    Wow. Thom Hartmann continues to put in work. He is the real deal. Does he still work with RT?

  • Keith Toledo
    Keith Toledo  2 months ago +8

    My dads from michoacan and still talks to his family there daily, watches news sources he seems reliable and YouTube channels from individuals such as yourself Thom and has told me a great deal of things that just aren't said here in the US. The moment tariffs were being talked about pushing to Mexico, Obrador already began talking trade with China. He began taxing US corporations that's in Mexico, unlike the past presidents as well. And boy are they pissed lol. Obrador is a much better leader than what Bernie could be. And doesnt side with imperialism.

  • Soncelia Byrd
    Soncelia Byrd  2 months ago +4

    Of course Trump is 🤥!!

  • robert forsythe
    robert forsythe  2 months ago +3

    Pants 👖 Pants 👖 Wonders of Wonders. Just like everything. Manure in Manure out. A political system made by money only represents MONEY 💰

  • becky savery
    becky savery  2 months ago +9

    In my opinion your spot on. ☮💞🌎 Thanks for getting me back to reality.

  • Germoney2000
    Germoney2000  2 months ago +3

    Thanks for having Greg on... good show!

  • Karen Webster
    Karen Webster  2 months ago +2

    Greg is the best!