Deluxe Cheese and Crackers - You Suck at Cooking (episode 6)

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 15, 2015
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    The trickiest fish in the ocean requires the trickiest cooking techniques:

    Let’s all hold hands and revel in how cheese tastes good against the crispy backdrop of a well made cracker. And even a poorly made one that just crumbles when you bite it.

    Opening song:


  • Justin Ferrer
    Justin Ferrer  yesterday

    Damnn just dayumm that intro tho

  • Samantha Shih
    Samantha Shih  6 days ago

    Wait a sec
    You people put on your pants 1 leg at a time?

  • Neo Lycan
    Neo Lycan  7 days ago

    I'm going to try to learn your rap..

  • Acadia Knickerbocker

    Was he sick today?

  • Isabela Universe
    Isabela Universe  14 days ago

    I don't suck at crochet :(

  • Hye Rim Ji
    Hye Rim Ji  14 days ago

    That intro was ducking 50 seconds long

  • Mallord
    Mallord  14 days ago

    That was an intro I never wanted to end

  • Mermaid Dog
    Mermaid Dog  21 days ago

    Poor devon

  • CookieKittyGaming
    CookieKittyGaming  21 days ago +1

    i learned how to crochet just to spite you and you're right i do totally suck

  • Skeeter Ton
    Skeeter Ton  21 days ago

    The better days

    FANTASMASTICGUY  21 days ago +1

    I put my pants on two legs at a time every day.

    I feel so alienated

  • PaintingGalaxies
    PaintingGalaxies  21 days ago

    you probably can't fly a helicopter yet either

  • S E E S A W
    S E E S A W  28 days ago

    saNds of sOloMon, DEVON!

  • Mandy
    Mandy  a months ago

    Love how the intro lasts 50 seconds

  • C4RM3N
    C4RM3N  a months ago

    I can play crochet ACTUALLY

  • Bread Tree
    Bread Tree  a months ago +130

    When u expect a normal intro but get a whole diss track

    Where's the album

  • BBklaas
    BBklaas  a months ago +3

    I'm on 6 right now..
    There are 95 of them..
    I'm going to be late for work tomorrow.

  • Thej Yhome
    Thej Yhome  a months ago +1

    Putting your pants on that way is really easy, you just gotta sit down for like 30 seconds

  • Sino
    Sino  a months ago

    The Intro Mean In short Is That You Suck!

  • D Diamond
    D Diamond  a months ago

    Ha! I CAN put on my pants two legs at a time! WHO'S THE FAILURE NOW, MOM!?!