Deluxe Cheese and Crackers - You Suck at Cooking (episode 6)

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 15, 2015
  • Subscribe if you think crackers are evil: trickiest fish in the ocean requires the trickiest cooking techniques:’s all hold hands and revel in how cheese tastes good against the crispy backdrop of a well made cracker. And even a poorly made one that just crumbles when you bite it.Opening song:


  • Dead Dark Knights
    Dead Dark Knights  2 years ago +4301

    Jokes on you I'm fucking amazing at crochet

  • Devin DeAnda
    Devin DeAnda  2 years ago +1398

    I'm so very sorry I couldn't make the coffee the perfect shade...

  • Golden Blood
    Golden Blood  a years ago +180

    The sexiest hands on the internet uses makeup?!

  • VvVWhiteFangVvV
    VvVWhiteFangVvV  2 years ago +385

    That lady bug has seen some shit. It has battle scars.

  • MangoesAreGeigh -
    MangoesAreGeigh -  2 years ago +1695

    45 seconds of intro... my fav

  • b 28282
    b 28282  2 years ago +781

    Um actually I don't suck at putting my pants on two legs at a time
    RIP your credibility

  • Eli's Animations & More
    Eli's Animations & More  2 years ago +478

    That ladybug was dented.

  • Hyphen
    Hyphen  2 years ago +130

    3:40 when you accidentally show your reflection on the knife you have

  • Metal Gear Ross
    Metal Gear Ross  3 years ago +5487

    Hands down, best intro in YSAC history.

  • Devynn Wells
    Devynn Wells  2 years ago +167

    Sorry I couldn't make you the perfect coffee shade

  • Grapefruit7
    Grapefruit7  2 years ago +63

    "because i... dont own a hammer yet"
    *sennheiser earbuds fall haphazardly onto cutting board*

  • TheOdd101
    TheOdd101  2 years ago +127

    That intro was incredible.

  • Kevin Burke
    Kevin Burke  2 years ago +82

    what size ratchet should I use?

  • Abandoneddreams
    Abandoneddreams  3 years ago +3682

    sorry i didnt mean to yell

  • rapidmagic
    rapidmagic  2 years ago +55

    This is my favourite episode mainly for the intro

  • David Yarbrough
    David Yarbrough  2 years ago +150

    This guys loves some freaking green onions!

  • Christine H
    Christine H  2 years ago +49

    did anyone else notice the pube on the lady bug

  • Mr. Memer Man
    Mr. Memer Man  9 months ago +8

    How did you dent the ladybug KNOW THAT I WAS BAD AT FLYING JETS

  • Jordan W!
    Jordan W!  3 years ago +3468

    I'm actually really good at crotchet.

  • No0neEvenCares
    No0neEvenCares  a years ago +26

    Joke's on you! I'm great at travelling through time!!