Binging with Babish: Curb Your Enthusiasm Special

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 10, 2017
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    Larry David fluctuates wildly between flagrantly eschewing and rigorously enforcing cultural mores, all of which frequently revolve around food. Slow ice cream orderers, religiously forbidden chicken, caviar entitlement - they're all fodder for Larry's machinations of social upheaval. Just don't eat the man's shrimp.

    Music: "unna" by Broke for Free

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  • gcfbchxd xgcgbcf  (Oct 10, 2017))

    I’ve watched more cooking vids than I’ve cooked in my entire life

  • David Hester  (Feb 7, 2019))

    its time

  • Matteo McClendon  (Dec 17, 2018))

    gcfbchxd xgcgbcf a

  • Jake Callum  (Oct 15, 2017))

    At the end of the year he should do a top 10 cross sections

  • Jadarien Ellis  (Jan 31, 2019))

    +gaming lol lets riot

  • gaming lol  (Jan 3, 2019))

    He didn't do it

  • Richey Buckets  (Oct 11, 2017))

    Help I can't find "I don't want to say it sauce"

  • Goober Head  (Dec 28, 2018))

    Literally everyone in this comment section has been woooooooooshed

  • Suzanne Baruch  (Jun 6, 2018))

    I made the Palestinian Chicken for dinner tonight, it's excellent. The bones are all picked clean, just as in this video. One of the best roasted chickens I've ever tasted, and I've had some great ones. It's really more of a Greek taste than a Palestinian taste, though.

  • If you want a Palestinian taste I got you ;)

  • Ian  (Jan 17, 2019))

    +Halotest100 thank you!

  • Taner Frudi  (Oct 11, 2017))

    Oh man, please do Ted Mosby's "turturkeykey

  • Zulüm Haktan Kalır never. That show was the worst...(Except for Barney)

  • The irony of using Kosher salt in Palestinian chicken.

  • Leonardo Santos  (Feb 13, 2019))

    Halal salt

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang  (Dec 11, 2018))

    Meh, kosher is the same as halal. Just because the cunts using them hate eachother does not make a difference

  • DMT/•/TV  (Jan 9, 2018))

    You're such a great example of someone who deserves to be successful and making money off of what they love. Please reaffirm to yourself every day that you are a success, because these videos make millions of people realize that about you on the daily as it is. Keep it up

  • Sara Sakhi  (Oct 11, 2017))

    Lebanese here, its pronounced "toom" like "room" not "tawm"

  • 5illyMe  (May 3, 2018))

    Seems like it's basically a traditional aioli with a bit of lemon to help the emulsion.

  • Zach Brown  (May 1, 2018))

    schmoodle berg what the fuck

  • Lothric Knight  (Nov 2, 2017))

    It's pronounced mayonez. And while u make Russian dressing you must wear Adidas track suit and squat on the table properly! And chugging some good kvass! Then only you make true Russian dressing!

  • Andrie Alinsangao  (Dec 13, 2018))


  • Red Door Productions  (Dec 12, 2018))

    IIIIISSSSSSSS *BORIS*(cue loud хардбасс)

  • espben360  (Oct 13, 2017))

    Middle eastern/ Arabic food the best!!!!!

  • +Emma Jenkins I need to go there lmao

  • Emma Jenkins  (Feb 13, 2019))

    The best pastry I've ever had was a spinach and feta croissant from a bakery built into the mosque near the Westerkirk in Amsterdam - go buy it if you're ever in the city. I've had patisserie in Paris and the flavour balance just doesn't compare; French pastry is often too rich but it was perfectly cut with salt and spices, the pastry was crisp and the spinach not at all soggy.