David Dobrik ruins Shane Dawson 's Jeffree Star Documentary? #DramaAlert Clout Gang (FOOTAGE)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
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  • Jocelyn M
    Jocelyn M  a years ago +836

    Shanes video series isn't really just about how much money jeffree makes. It's about jeffree as a person, how he is making the money and balancing his life, as well as the drama and ups and downs in his life.

  • JustMeLlama
    JustMeLlama  a years ago +273

    Shane’s documentary isn’t about finding out about the money. It’s about showing Jeffrey as a person and who he really is to clear up the controversies. The money isn’t the main topic.

  • sarah
    sarah  a years ago +952

    I don't know who david dobrik is but he didn't do anything wrong. All he did was spend time with Jeffree. People are so silly sometimes.

  • It's BeeRay
    It's BeeRay  a years ago +324

    “DaViD dObErG”
    - Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, 2018

  • TheDylansWorld
    TheDylansWorld  a years ago +1083

    Jeffree Star is rich because he was sensible with the money he earned. Worked hard to get to where he is. WE STAN A SELF MADE LEGEND

  • Unique Daily
    Unique Daily  a years ago +185

    David also asked Casey. It’s just his thing. I don’t think he meant it for that reason🤦🏼‍♀️

  • lamarea wilson
    lamarea wilson  a years ago +52

    Nah please dont pull shane into your bs please. all he wants to do is live his life and make interesting videos, dont drag him to your whirl of drama

  • Elsy Arevalo
    Elsy Arevalo  a years ago +54

    I HAVENT SEEN ANY SHANE FANS DO THIS LMFAO WHAT. Don’t drag Shane and David into drama 😅

  • Savannah Boucher
    Savannah Boucher  a years ago +60

    He definitely didn’t ruin Shane’s series. It’s one of the best things Shane has done 100%!

  • Isabella Y
    Isabella Y  a years ago +70

    DobRIK not doberg lmao

  • MyBoringLife
    MyBoringLife  a years ago +158


  • Zoë c-w
    Zoë c-w  a years ago +28

    Keem star I really don't think he would do this on purpose, I would ask that question as well, just digging for something that's not there. Also it's DOBRIK.

  • poco loco
    poco loco  a years ago +21

    Starting to think his popcorn is a bit stale..🤔

  • Chris
    Chris  a years ago +236

    Shane and David are two of the most down to earth people I don't know why people are trying to start drama when there isn't

  • It's BeeRay
    It's BeeRay  a years ago +64

    - Daniel “Keem” Keemstar, 2018

  • It'sJustQuinn
    It'sJustQuinn  a years ago +17

    Jeffree Star literally drips in Gucci/Louis/Fenty/Dior/custom cars & furniture/Etc., I'm surprised that anyone was surprised he makes that much.

  • M3KKY
    M3KKY  a years ago +83


  • Daniyal Kahloon
    Daniyal Kahloon  a years ago +15

    How is this ruining Shane’s video? This is so stupid 🤦‍♂️

  • N
    N  a years ago +598

    I think shanes series is for getting to know jeffree better not how much he makes. You can google that and get an idea of how much he makes..... even before Davids or Shanes videos

  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato  a years ago +4

    He ( David) didn't do this in purpose.