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  • Published on:  Monday, September 4, 2017
  • RAINING IN TOKYOLo-fi/Vaporwave beats mixSleep & Rain mixif you liked this mix feel free to donate/buy me a pint - http://paypal.me/thebootlegboyTrack List:0:00 ibrahim - a world at peace https://soundcloud.com/ibr/a-world-at...3:05 〘 E i s u 〙- Elisabethhttps://soundcloud.com/eisubeats/elis...5:46 Jay-Lounge - Alonehttps://soundcloud.com/jay-lounge/alo...8:51 fixh - where'd u go?https://soundcloud.com/fixh/whered-u-go12:50 aidan - let one gohttps://soundcloud.com/producedbyaida...15:11 legalvariety (Jabari) - i miss you so muchhttps://soundcloud.com/legalsv/i-miss...Artwork by Keebshttps://www.instagram.com/lakeebs/https://society6.com/product/night-in...💜 bootleg💜soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/dabootlegboytwitter - https://twitter.com/thebootlegboyinstagram - https://instagram.com/thebootlegboydiscord - https://discord.gg/Ch2JUNF*NEW MERCH* - https://teespring.com/stores/thebootl...💕Subscribe for more vibes like this💕


  • the bootleg boy  1 years ago

    The first in my RAINING series 💕listen to RAINING IN PARIS here - https://cnclips.net/video/Xyj0Mq-YdUY/video.html

  • Gage B-Bird  1 months ago

    Not bad! Good Vibes! :)

  • Cora Bored  2 months ago

    Can you do raining in Dublin

  • conor parson  1 years ago

    not depressed just sad sometimes, ya dig?

  • Couldn't explain my mood any better

  • Travis Chipman  16 days ago

    Bruh ur not alone

  • Well Done Jonathan  8 months ago

    *Tell me im not the only one who listens to this everynight at least tell me im not alone...*

  • kyra hubbard  2 hours ago

    Well Done Jonathan it’s to the point if it’s not playing like I forget to put it on I get uncomfortable

  • Endivine  4 days ago


  • Annora Williams  1 years ago

    This is to the kids who found peace by rain spattered windows while their parents quietly chatted in another room. This is to the kids who carry compassion to cover the little bit of heart break goes everywhere they do. This is to the kids who are moving on in life and getting stronger, happier and are moving on. This is to us 😛

  • Remember Bliss  22 hours ago

    That's right👼

  • Espurr  1 months ago

    Annora Williams its just claire de lune

  • Mária Zita Makó  4 months ago

    I want to walk in that rain in Tokyo. I want to see that man as he's cooking and holding the pan.I want to question the grey man which newspaper he's reading.I want to live a few minutes in that universe.

  • Flang Chang  5 days ago

    music really gets you in the mood

  • nhan vo  1 months ago

    You could do that in this universe.

  • TheAdolphAnomaly  1 years ago

    I imagine I’m sitting at the table waiting for my ramen to be served after the man next to me reading his newspaper gets his. It’s been a rough day and ramen in the rain would make my night as the hard working chef relaxes and talks with me and the man reading his paper after cooking a delicious meal.

  • 7  1 months ago

    @Soniti1324 thats pretty sad tbh, where i live people tend to ignore eachother aswell and when im in a different city everything seems to nice

  • Nicolas Metz  1 months ago

    lol savage

  • raayds  1 years ago

    i remember being excited to grow up. do i even want to anymore?

  • Nah, I did so too. Adults get to make their own rules and what not till I was five. Reality hit hard.

  • yahyeet _  19 days ago


  • ValarMorghulis  1 years ago

    Everybody has their pain everybody has their droughtsbut sunny days wouldn’t be the same if the rain never came down

  • sound leafy  5 days ago

    Valar noharis

  • jack gaytan  11 days ago

    This hit home really hard

  • noventar  8 months ago

    "So that's it, the last solar eclipse could be seen on this continent in this century. And as I said, not until August 21, 2017, will another eclipse be visible from North America. That’s 38 years from now. May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.”- Anchor Frank Reynolds, ABC News Solar Eclipse Report From 1979

  • Nicolas Metz  1 months ago

    epic lolsavage

  • maryjane  2 months ago

    Peace :(

  • Damn, there are so many of us, living on this planet, some are chilling some are in despair some read newspapers, some walk the narrow streets on Kyoto. Thinking about it makes me feel left out, makes me feel woke, as if no one else thinks about it, makes me feel lonely, like everyone else is sleeping, sleeping their life through.

  • Remember Bliss  22 hours ago

    No. We're all just like you🏄

  • maryjane  2 months ago

    i don't think about what somebody else is thinking or doing..not here not anywhere..that would just be a complete waste of my time, there's no fun in that