Instagram Controls My Shopping Trip!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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    OMG MERCH DROP IN T MINUS 7 DAAAAAYS! I wanted to make sure that we could swing regular ground shipping in time for the holidays and I'm SOOOOO EXCITED! PS the IG filter got temporary pulled while we fix a glitch, buuuuut will be back ASAP! see u sunday for a hilarious #sunDIY, I'm so stoked for this one, y'all are gonna dieeeee
    ♡ XO lauren


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    $10 off Uber: LAURENR563
    $10 off Postmates Delivery: QIRHB


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  • Alexandra Mei  (Nov 21, 2018))

    Who else stopped everything they were doing to watch this?

  • Jenna Warner  (Mar 18, 2019))


  • Nosipho Mkhize  (Nov 22, 2018))

    Please do a collab with Alex since you said ur still best friends. Like if u want a collab😘😍😍😍

  • XxAriixX  (Dec 1, 2018))

    +Zoe Williams Probably cuz fandom already has drama 😂😂😂

  • Oofer-Doofer  (Nov 30, 2018))

    Zoe Williams yeah better no drama

  • lara elizabeth  (Nov 21, 2018))

    Omg you should make a few photo-shoot room for any extra rooms in your house!!!!!

  • abby7560 abby7560  (Nov 22, 2018))

    Lauren: For Canadian babes, it's about 6 degrees... Super cold!Me: Girl, I live in the Canadian snow belt. Our roads are COVERED in ice and it's about -15 degrees rn. I wish I was in Vancouver.*But much love from a fellow Canadian!!!

  • Maddie Pig lover  (Jan 18, 2019))

    Be safe!

  • Slime by E & G  (Jan 1, 2019))

    abby7560 abby7560 hello fellow Canadian

  • Niyati Bahurupi  (Nov 24, 2018))

    Any one else who want dimples😊

  • Addisyn Yardley  (Nov 21, 2018))

    Lauren, you should definitely bring back the laurdiy stuffies, I would totally buy them for Christmas. Like if you agree!!!!!!!

  • Lonneke Castell  (Nov 22, 2018))

    Woah Lauren is 5"5?? I'm only 14 and I'm 5"8😂

  • Kimnary Keo  (Mar 17, 2019))

    Must be nice I'm 15 and I'm 5"1 😭

  • Sunset 763  (Feb 5, 2019))

    Gurl u taaallllll😂

  • Zahra Duale  (Nov 22, 2018))


  • Holly Tab  (Nov 22, 2018))

    We have paper chase in the uk. But it is a very overpriced store for stationary and bits and bobs. Quite cute stuff tho. Lyyy

  • Alexandra Mei  (Nov 21, 2018))

    I am loving your hair color right now!