Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Part 3 - Funhaus Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • 3."This year we explored the failure of democracy. How our social scientists brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and established the stability that has lasted for generations since."Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • Oni Wahoo
    Oni Wahoo  2 months ago +250

    "Where ever you are run!" The Sky Tango motto

  • petery007
    petery007  2 months ago +252

    Everyone is complains about what sky tango did TO them but they don’t acknowledge what sky tango does FOR them

  • AquaticSkipper
    AquaticSkipper  2 months ago +448

    James looking like a child out of a birthday party waiting with the adults to go home

  • Calvin Long
    Calvin Long  2 months ago +148

    Y'know, since Bruce is the only one using it, shouldn't we be calling it the ska-tango?

  • Clayton Miller
    Clayton Miller  2 months ago +140

    Adam dropping the word "facetious" casually; Bruce wanting to use his Sky Tango at every opportunity; James playing with his Darth Maul face paint on; Elyse trying her best; Omar being confused at what the hell is going on; and, Lawrence being Lawrence. This video has it all. EDF videos are THE best videos. Well done, Funhaus.

  • jcoptimus
    jcoptimus  2 months ago +97

    Possible titles for future episodes: Sky Tango & Cash; gem LOCK; It takes 2 to Sky Tango

  • BadAssMutha006
    BadAssMutha006  2 months ago +98

    The EDF versus their most deadly enemy: A Sky Tango fired by a friendly.

  • Steven Schneider
    Steven Schneider  2 months ago +194

    "They shoot out little baby spiders now!"
    I don't know if I've ever had a more 'thanks, i hate it' moment in my life

  • Ashley Heelam
    Ashley Heelam  2 months ago +324

    "Oh that's right, it's a living hell." - Adam Kovic 2019

    WASACADA  2 months ago +183

    The biggest blunder of 2019 is James trying to remove his Darth Maul makeup before playing EDF with the bois

  • ThePerson OfWords
    ThePerson OfWords  2 months ago +65

    Omar is so lost in this and no one is answering his questions

  • TehCoolestCat
    TehCoolestCat  2 months ago +61

    I need a Bruce action figure equipped with Sky Tango action

  • SomnolentMonk
    SomnolentMonk  2 months ago +15

    Adam is getting really good at ventriloquism 8:33

  • Carbon Knights Gaming
    Carbon Knights Gaming  2 months ago +36

    James and I have a vastly different understanding of how many spiders are three spiders...

  • silversurfer
    silversurfer  2 months ago +48

    Dude i just finished to watch part 2!!! Its christmas all over again !

  • Golden State Warriors fan since 2015

    they really recorded the entire series without james footage

  • Kyle A
    Kyle A  2 months ago +23

    How come Lawrence waited until the mission was over to ride a spider?

  • Jared F
    Jared F  2 months ago +15


  • Sid Quest
    Sid Quest  2 months ago +32

    The Codex Astartes names this video 'Iron Rain!'

  • Thing Nasty
    Thing Nasty  2 months ago +12

    replace GTA with EDF. i need more of this in my life.