Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Part 3 - Funhaus Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
  • 3."This year we explored the failure of democracy. How our social scientists brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and established the stability that has lasted for generations since."

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  • g4man41
    g4man41  2 months ago

    "Find out next time on Earth Defemse Force!"...

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep  3 months ago

    Sky Tango is like a joke/useless gun from the older EDF games that was made actually useful in this one. It's got a really slow missile and an even slower lock-on timer, but the explosion when it hits is SUPER worth the wait time.

  • Greg Dallaway
    Greg Dallaway  6 months ago

    Elyse and Lawrence are sitting in front of the same bit of wall. What?

  • Weeber
    Weeber  6 months ago

    I feel like they went backwards with this earth defense force.

  • tachikoma10101011
    tachikoma10101011  7 months ago

    Wheezy shooting the ground next to them with rockets, while they are trying to revive someone lol "Was it sky tango????"

  • Grayson Goyer
    Grayson Goyer  7 months ago

    10:33 had me rolling on the floor.

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez  7 months ago

    8:33 Adam is talking without moving his lips???

  • Thomas T
    Thomas T  7 months ago

    More plz

  • toddman22410
    toddman22410  7 months ago

    Love these vids

  • Sammy B
    Sammy B  7 months ago

    This is the only thing I can fall asleep to nowadays

  • Julian
    Julian  7 months ago +1

    I love that Bruce is always genuinely excited when playing a co-op game! Also, Hitman Absolution gameplay series please :)

  • cameron thomas
    cameron thomas  7 months ago

    Everyone using rocket launchers and shotgun and theres one bloke using a God damn sword, which might just be the most "Lawrence" thing ever

  • Coyer Henrich
    Coyer Henrich  7 months ago

    so is EDF a PlayStation exclusive now?

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith  7 months ago

    our teammate is down, better all go stand on the corpse so the baddies focus their fire

  • Sonicfalcon16
    Sonicfalcon16  7 months ago

    The fact Lawrence's character does protoman battle network moves is cool

  • MrWinterGuard
    MrWinterGuard  7 months ago

    Sky tango giveth Sky tango taketh away

  • unsteddie music
    unsteddie music  7 months ago +1

    i wish this game was available for xbox

  • Rafael
    Rafael  7 months ago +1

    12:28 "special" Elyse.

  • Aaron Zimm
    Aaron Zimm  7 months ago

    Add James not using the Sky TANGO with brother Bruce to the "Top 10 Anime Betrayals"

  • CurseTheCosmos
    CurseTheCosmos  7 months ago

    "Well I just picked up two gems and Iwasn'tevenongemwatchandIseesomegemsoverhereandI'mnotevenongemwatchso..."

    - Elyse "Wheezy" Willems, 2019