Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 28, 2016
  • Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2019

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  • TradingCoachUK
    TradingCoachUK  2 years ago +20

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  • Doctorly Bowl
    Doctorly Bowl  9 hours ago

    That much money is a curse, they don’t have friends, family can’t stand them behind their backs, a target wherever you go. IM GOOD! My poppop always said “A BOAT IS A HOLE YOU THROW MONEY INTO” just shows how stupid the wealthy really are, what about the kids that are passing away from starvation around the world. You spend 70,000$ on gas... unreal, I’m ashamed for you...

  • Emilia L. Rodriguez Jra. Tecson

    Am a Billionaire Pre-owned Global Airplanes Showdown Deals King's in Royal Games and Princess Cruises etc.

  • Sow AG
    Sow AG  2 days ago

    love the yachts and jets.
    the car collections i don't really get it.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith  3 days ago

    These people charter a private jet to pick up a baby monitor in russia and bring it to their yacht 5000 miles away...just because they felt like they might need it....yet wont lift a finger for starving abused children and animals that could have been helped with that money instead. That makes these people just fucking evil...

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith  3 days ago +2

    God I hate people who's egos drive them to being this douchy

  • Helen Garcia
    Helen Garcia  3 days ago +1

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  • Raphael Osamoor
    Raphael Osamoor  4 days ago


  • Raphael Osamoor
    Raphael Osamoor  4 days ago

    Victor fotso

  • Woo2fly30
    Woo2fly30  4 days ago

    This is from 2013 for the record

  • reelreeler
    reelreeler  4 days ago +2

    "Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class" -Al Capone

  • A Mishel
    A Mishel  4 days ago

    Freedom is priceless. The richer you are . . the LESS freedom you have. A smart person looks for the point of inflection.

  • A Mishel
    A Mishel  4 days ago

    I still don’t feel sorry for the super rich.

  • A Mishel
    A Mishel  4 days ago

    The “supposed” excuse rich women give for buying expensive purses ($5,000 or more) is “they last a long time”.
    I suppose these rich people would say, they have million dollar yachts, because they “save on rent”.
    I’m just sayin 👱🏻‍♀️

  • Getting Along Alone

    Yet,...when Billionaires die,..they will have as much as me. ..., which is NOTHING!

  • Bearty
    Bearty  6 days ago

    Love bein a billionaire myself I worked my ass off now I’m enjoying life to the fullest

  • j p
    j p  6 days ago

    Imagine all the people with OCD who work on these happy straightening out the fold of every vertical drape, every crease on the bed every piece of glass and stainless endlessly! LOL

    TAUSHIF JAMAL  7 days ago

    As everyone is looking for a shortcut to be successful in this luminous comment section.... Remember buddies their is no shortcut fr being a millionaire/billionaire or isn't it impossible to be become one it's all abut mindset if they can do so why can't you are you suffer with any defiecency??.... Go and ask this fucking question to yourself buddies infront of mirror and build your high income skills which will leverage your dream.... I m possible in short impossible it's just a myth remember if it was the statement the people or homo sapiens watever not gonna make it✌️💰💸

  • Plasma Heat
    Plasma Heat  7 days ago

    Hey everybody , look at me !! Look what i have.

  • Ginger Blue
    Ginger Blue  7 days ago

    I wouldn't live like these guys, but of course I would try to get all the things I couldn't get before, I mean you can't tell me that if you became rich you will continue to live you rlife as like before cause that's just a lie . If you made the money there is nothing wrong with spending just be smart about it and maybe help others. Then you can live your life happily and rich.