Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires - World Billionaires - HD 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 28, 2016
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  • TradingCoachUK
    TradingCoachUK  a years ago +15

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  • shananagans5
    shananagans5  a years ago +690

    I don't know about all you fools watching this & dreaming but I am taking steps to get a super yacht. I am stashing away $100 a month. I will have one of those babies in 50 to 60,000 years.

  • Violet Sunset
    Violet Sunset  a years ago +232

    Lol this is about billionaires, and 480p

  • Jon Allen
    Jon Allen  6 months ago +103

    "No, it's not a submarine... It's an underwater airplane!" So... A submarine.

  • JK number5
    JK number5  a years ago +189

    If I was wealthy the one thing I will not buy is a yacht.

  • Lolo Gyal
    Lolo Gyal  3 months ago +49

    6:22 all that money spent and they couldn't make the turntable living room automatic?

  • gaara sand
    gaara sand  11 months ago +86

    i cant even buy an iphone

  • BountyHunter004
    BountyHunter004  a years ago +84

    “The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.” –Marcus Aurelius, 121–180 AD”

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah  8 months ago +257

    Money won't buy you happiness,
    Lack of money will bring a lot of unhappiness.

  • Helen Boula
    Helen Boula  a years ago +77

    your wealth,why would you expose it to the world.if it was me,i would tell no one.

  • Rozenia Johnson
    Rozenia Johnson  a years ago +41

    Chartering a jet just to get this woman's baby monitor because she wouldn't simply buy a new one. Absolutely Ridiculous!!

  • Venom201009
    Venom201009  11 months ago +50

    These comments are so comical!! I struggled to pay bills, mortgage (almost lost my home) and had a job I hated. I started a business 4 years ago and it's growing every year! I can say with certainty money makes me happier than not having money. Is it the love of money or the lack of money that's the root of all evil?

  • Scungio
    Scungio  a years ago +268

    Everyone wants to be rich, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Golden Haze
    Golden Haze  a years ago +112

    Waaauw never ever having to work again and helping out your friends and family. Money makes life easy and gives u unlimited acces to every thing.

  • SixSixteen Sevens
    SixSixteen Sevens  a years ago +81

    So billionaires just want to impress other people.😂

  • Edward M
    Edward M  13 hours ago

    I have one that lives down the street from me.

  • Tam
    Tam  11 months ago +66

    I prefer old money. These new money people are vulgar and have no class. Discretion is better.

  • My First name My Last name

    Maybe not this life but hopefully next life I’ll be rich :)! Stuggle is real I hope whoever is reading this has a beautiful day/night stay positive

  • Joseph Howard
    Joseph Howard  10 months ago +10

    "Are they happy? No. And thats what drives them on." I want to be that sad one day.

  • green smoke 420
    green smoke 420  5 months ago +11

    i'm okay with my status now of being thousanaire. lol