Huge and Extremely Strong Celebrity Guards. You Don't Wanna Get Close to Them!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 10, 2019
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    Celebrities are always surrounded by many people - thousands of fans, paparazzi, people at autograph sessions… They also have to deal with haters, and sometimes with obsessed fans.
    To be safe, celebrities hire professional bodyguards – people who are ready to risk their life if necessary to protect them from any harm.
    These are really tough and strong guys you definitely don’t want to mess with.
    Want to know more about them?


  • realbhopwood
    realbhopwood  7 hours ago

    The security rich politicians, bankers, and celebrities that advocate for gun confiscation and control while they have paid guns.

  • Julian Meijer
    Julian Meijer  4 days ago

    Look im dutch and 190 cm is juist not that talk in 15 and 187 cm and im not the tallest in Class

  • Guy A
    Guy A  7 days ago

    The guy with big arms is unhealthy and sick.
    He needs medical treatment.

  • nato
    nato  7 days ago

    Glock: Let me introduce myself..

  • Joseph Mathew Alcones Sumugat

    You mean Gay weather? Who supposed to be defeated by Manny from phil? Hahaha He's not a boxer tho... he's a runner

  • Fabian del Rosario Baldur

    God damn.... Will Smith attacked Snoop dog in a drive by.... Who thought that?

  • Spxx Fones
    Spxx Fones  7 days ago +3

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to hire bodyguards to attack him

    GOLDEN TIGER  7 days ago +1


  • Santos Cortes
    Santos Cortes  7 days ago

    They may look big but not scary. I can imagine how slow they are.

  • Angad Bir Singh
    Angad Bir Singh  7 days ago

    Could u have edited the thumbnail any more?

  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro  7 days ago

    Yeah I understand why women need body guards 3:03

  • Nikolaj was taken
    Nikolaj was taken  14 days ago +1

    6:23 who can’t do that?

  • Thetruth
    Thetruth  14 days ago

    A gun doesnt give a fu ked about a posture

  • The Rinja
    The Rinja  14 days ago

    Low brow shite

  • Mike oxlong
    Mike oxlong  14 days ago +8

    These people may be big, but if these people were protecting Eddie hall or Brian shaw, they’d be dwarfed

    MUNZ CHINCHEKR  14 days ago

    All these artist ain't as hard as they show if they need body guards fukn porcees..

  • Fyro_ J
    Fyro_ J  14 days ago +4

    I would imagine being “The best boxer of all time” wouldnt even require having bodyguards considering your arms are a lethal weapon

  • larouche roi
    larouche roi  14 days ago

    huge 173 cm ,,,,,,

  • The Duke of the Skull

    There is a city in Indiana where celebrities can go and be theirselves and not be is called
    FORT WAYNE. Several come and relax there, Vincent Price walked down one of the main roads on his way to visit his mother.

  • The Duke of the Skull

    I am not interested in Snoop
    Dog, But look at him he looks like a nice guy. It's a shame that people try to hurt him! I love the body guard that stopped the guy from getting to Snoop Dog on the stage. He just liked like, " here let me help you back down" and pushes him off his feet backwards! I LOVED IT !! NOW THAT IS A BODYGUARD !! 😀