US Marshals Drug Auction Oklahoma R34 GT-R NSX Supra Celica GT Skyline

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 30, 2019
  • Most of these cars are illegal in the United States. This was a rare opportunity to see some true Japanese RHD cars before they are exported out of the US. Visit the auction here: Swag Here: the true history of salvage auction cars: your $4.89 CarFax or AutoCheck here: Your Mechanic come to YOU for repairs ($10 off here): Honey FREE and start saving now: me on Instagram: me on Twitter: #Drug #R34


  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  4 months ago +23

    Auction site here:

  • Roneel Chand
    Roneel Chand  4 months ago +156

    Now this drug dealer had a taste in cars 😍

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith  4 months ago +175

    the lack of car knowledge in this video is astounding

  • Bj Taylor
    Bj Taylor  4 months ago +163

    I understand you don’t really know JDM but my God you are hurting the feelings of every Import Junkie and gear head that’s gonna watch this😭

    METALMAN4Wii  4 months ago +84

    Only the government would sell you something then say you can't own it here.

  • Jaime Guerrero
    Jaime Guerrero  4 months ago +57

    That marijuana dealer knew his cars!

  • Radio Rescue
    Radio Rescue  4 months ago +88

    Acura is a North American brand only. Elsewhere it's just Honda. The front end of that Integra is The correct factory Japanese market front end.

  • phillybarz
    phillybarz  4 months ago +62

    15:12 that "little wrx" is a god damn 22b sti show some respect lol, these are some of THEE greatest cars on earth from Japan in 1 place! im no jdm guy but this hurts my heart

  • chantell hunter
    chantell hunter  4 months ago +24

    Dude if you don't know what your talking about please don't upload anything. This whole video made me cringe . Honda made Acura just like Toyota made Lexus .

  • Teagan Wheeler
    Teagan Wheeler  4 months ago +24

    Dont most people just export them to Canada for storage until they hit like 25yrs and then its legal?

  • M D
    M D  4 months ago +32

    Parachute is required on cars that go over 150 mph, in the 1/4 mile, by NHRA! Nice Supra with the HUGE TURBO!

  • hirisk761
    hirisk761  4 months ago +52

    In Japan Acura doesn't exist. Acura is for the 🇺🇸. It's branded Honda in the home market

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey  4 months ago +8

    I muted this dude, and played some teriyaki boyz. Made the video 100x better.

  • Boss Cars UK
    Boss Cars UK  4 months ago +8

    "Ever heard of a Toyota Chaser.....G....T....Four...." 😂😂😂😂 you really don't know anything about Japanese cars. Shame you didn't realise you were amongst God's

  • Radio Rescue
    Radio Rescue  4 months ago +25

    I saw a few posts on FB about this. I didnt realize it was in OKC. I hate our 25 year import rule.Hardly any other country in the world makes you wait that long. They should just let you have what you want. Really enjoyed. Thanks for showing us around.

  • michael mess
    michael mess  4 months ago +20

    Somebody replace this nerd. Can't watch....

  • Kevin McMullen
    Kevin McMullen  4 months ago +8

    That Supra would have been a good buy for parts. I stopped bidding at 25k

  • JM77429
    JM77429  4 months ago +6

    You have absolutely no knowledge regarding wonderful JDM cars or EDM cars.

  • Shishizurui
    Shishizurui  4 months ago +19

    This is my JDM GRAN TURISMO Wet dream right here

  • VXJ 1
    VXJ 1  4 months ago +3

    That R34 skyline was the best car their.