US Marshals Drug Auction Oklahoma R34 GT-R NSX Supra Celica GT Skyline

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 30, 2019
  • Most of these cars are illegal in the United States. This was a rare opportunity to see some true Japanese RHD cars before they are exported out of the US.

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  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  9 months ago +22

    Auction site here:

  • D S P
    D S P  4 days ago

    I bought that chaser. Love it

  • Saddletramp1200
    Saddletramp1200  7 days ago

    The man is honest with everything and everyone up front. You people that bad mouth him show your lack of manners. He's standing there, and all you can do is be a keyboard Rambo. Says a lot.

  • Jamrock Altitude
    Jamrock Altitude  7 days ago

    Stick to what you know best. Wheeling and dealing everyday car

  • Felix Herrera
    Felix Herrera  21 days ago

    What's gonna happen when they legalize marijuana are they gonna give him his cars back

  • Felix Herrera
    Felix Herrera  21 days ago

    Little does he know that evo will kill his vette

  • fl6stringer
    fl6stringer  21 days ago

    The best RX series Mazda, if you ask me...

  • Belk Mech
    Belk Mech  1 months ago

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  • Unknown
    Unknown  2 months ago +1

    Subscribed 🤙 really good channel and your easy to listen to.... keep it up 😀

  • Jesse Toberman
    Jesse Toberman  2 months ago

    Shut the fuck up

  • ValoRossi91146
    ValoRossi91146  2 months ago

    I want every single one of those cars and the good thing is that in germany all of them are legal 😍😁

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White  3 months ago

    I really enjoy your channel but you need to start researching cars more you can tell every time you go to the auction that you have no idea about the majority of vehicles especially this video you sounded really dumb

  • DeDe Franklin
    DeDe Franklin  3 months ago

    You a whole goofy messing up the name

  • Donny P.
    Donny P.  3 months ago

    I thought if the car was brought illegally they would crush it, but instead they're selling them….Black car that you were confused on is a Honda Integra type R and is very rare to come by in four doors

  • Jim Foreman
    Jim Foreman  3 months ago

    Talking about getting used to shifting with your left hand. I'm a pilot and can switch back and forth between right and left seats with no problem. It's something one can become accustomed to and it no longer feels odd. Now, driving on the left side of the road still feels stange.

  • D Brown
    D Brown  3 months ago

    I remember this

  • Brandon Scheuvront
    Brandon Scheuvront  3 months ago

    That was a Mitsubishi GTO not 3000GT

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S  4 months ago

    I love how that Gt Four only has a recario seat in the driver's side

  • Mark Sketch
    Mark Sketch  4 months ago +1

    I’m from the UK 🇬🇧, strange how u guys can’t own imports? Is it just because of the right hand drive issue? All the right sides will be UK cars. We are allowed to own European cars that are left hand drive. All u have to do is replace the headlights so the beam shines on the right side of the road