Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Aventador in the Nation

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
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  • NukeBlast 117
    NukeBlast 117  6 months ago +1577

    10:20 Here’s the price $$$

  • 21LAzgoo we
    21LAzgoo we  5 months ago +698

    buys the cheapest Lamborghini in the nation
    looks like the most expensive Lamborghini in the nation

  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez  4 months ago +409

    1:22 looks at his Wrist no watch... lmao.
    1:40 does it again

    DIAMONDESTROYER  1 months ago +145

    Who else is rewatching this in 2019

  • Josh
    Josh  9 months ago +3073

    Next video:
    "Letting the guy who fired me drive my V12 lambo"

  • Nightstalker9399
    Nightstalker9399  8 months ago +426

    First mod to add: cute girl in passenger seat.

  • iiRkrz
    iiRkrz  2 months ago +89

    1:21 when you realize you left your watch on the aircraft

  • Elijah
    Elijah  6 months ago +178

    "No way! Someone's getting picked up in a 720s, oh wait that's Andrew!" -The Stradman 2018 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo  28 days ago +39

    1:22 this guy is freaking richer than Jeff bezos he owns a freakin invisible watch which only he can see😱

  • idk whoiam
    idk whoiam  6 months ago +174

    i hate how he says "we did this! we own a v12!" no dude, you own it.. i don't remember being allowed to use it

  • adict3
    adict3  5 days ago +9

    Andrew the real MVP for skipping his date for Stradman. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Patrik
    Patrik  an hour ago

    Its weird whe someones buys the cheapest plane ticket to buy a lambo
    Car guy priorities haha

  • SizzlinAntwon
    SizzlinAntwon  18 hours ago

    james has gotten so many vehicles since this day.. focus rs, jeep gladiator, toyota supra

  • Levi O’Connell
    Levi O’Connell  9 months ago +58

    Don’t wrap that red😍😍 a new exhaust should be first 100%

  • Emma Cedillo
    Emma Cedillo  8 months ago +57


  • Hayden Vogel
    Hayden Vogel  2 months ago +40

    It's so cool watching people get there dreams! Also congrats on the Lambo

  • Jdor D
    Jdor D  6 months ago +108

    Congrats on your new purchase, God has really blessed you. I remember you lost your job, you had a great attitude and things turned out for the better...Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!

  • Life of Max
    Life of Max  2 days ago

    Yo unspeakablegaming bought that ultraviolet GT3RS

  • Daily Car Videos
    Daily Car Videos  9 months ago +263

    Don’t add a bloody Ski box on that car !!!!. 😂

  • WLP Reezay
    WLP Reezay  13 hours ago

    12:02 oooooo hell no don't ruin it like you did with my favorite car the r8.DO NOT PUT A SKI BOX ON THAT POOR AVENTADOR