Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Aventador in the Nation

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
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  • Fishing Roberts
    Fishing Roberts  an hour ago

    1:21 looks at hand thinking he has a watch

    Has expensive cars

    Buys a Uber

  • SomeRandomBoiii
    SomeRandomBoiii  11 hours ago

    Lol did you notice he just looks at his wrist instead of a watch

  • Bob Sumpter
    Bob Sumpter  13 hours ago

    Bruh canes is the best ever I dip everything in there sauce slap certified 👋🏻

  • picklate
    picklate  22 hours ago

    i know why its the cheap lamborghini aventador
    made in china

  • Niccolò D'amico
    Niccolò D'amico  22 hours ago

    Still one of my favourite videos

  • Don Sni
    Don Sni  yesterday

    Not sure how people are giving thumbs down to this video. This dude never quit and is living out his dream. Be happy for others and yourself. Misery won't get you anywhere in life!! Great video and way to go in on your dreams man!

  • The Blaze Orginal

    Gta v player you know this place 2:20

  • Furong Chu
    Furong Chu  yesterday

    I only have claret 570s it terrible 😭😭😭🤧

  • V L
    V L  yesterday

    What’s the app that he used?

  • Full Send Slime
    Full Send Slime  2 days ago +2

    Who’s still watching in 2020?! Will forever be one of stradmans best video 😳🔥

  • Carson Miller_2111

    240000k now you can get one for like 170k

  • silas Baker
    silas Baker  2 days ago

    $240,000 for the car your welcome

  • Kevin Biggley
    Kevin Biggley  2 days ago

    Why did u put the lambo orange white and purple orange oringanil colour purple wrapped colour white ascent colour

  • IsaKing TheGamer
    IsaKing TheGamer  2 days ago

    Him: the car makes squicks souds
    The lambo: .....sss...
    My car: GoujfHcoohxPcjviahocwhxiwcjiwchsjcochoachwohwjceh oechoshceocho

  • ayden vanbruwaene

    My car 🚗 is more expensive Audi rs 6 abt €115k

  • CriticalLenz
    CriticalLenz  3 days ago

    Jesus do the FI Exhaust make a huge difference

  • Madhu Sudan
    Madhu Sudan  3 days ago

    My dad has a Lamborghini that looks the same

  • Dylan Cascarino
    Dylan Cascarino  3 days ago

    Italian inginuity thank my ansesters

  • Itz JuXn
    Itz JuXn  3 days ago +1

    so this is how he got the lambo

  • NonSense Stuffs
    NonSense Stuffs  4 days ago +1

    You fell in love !! And then painted it violet !