Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 17

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 7, 2018
  • This is the moment we have all been waiting for! After being totaled out in a collision we finally put our build to the test. This 2017 Dodge Hellcat is an absolute animal and we only have the red keys! Which unlocks all 707HP. Stay tune and see what happens next!

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  • CG Media  (Oct 7, 2018))

    What about the cracked wind screen?

  • Libor Matula  (Oct 8, 2018))

    + on Mustang too.

  • Thad Dempsey  (Oct 7, 2018))

    They never said it was complete

  • Christian vlogs Rojas  (Oct 7, 2018))

    Que envidia, ellos reparando tantos coches y yo no puedo reparar mi bici 🚲

  • Rodrigo Bardales La infraestructura no es problema, el problema es la facilidad con la que consiguen todas las piezas, comenzando con las Airbags, y los frentes anti golpes , eso en un país de Latinoamérica es difícil de conseguir, y si las conseguimos no salen súper caras.

  • Rodrigo Bardales  (Oct 11, 2018))

    Jajajaja, ellos tienen toda una infraestructura, sin embargo me imagino que tu apenas tienes un destornillador xd

  • Fordboy 2005  (Oct 7, 2018))

    Wrecked ford raptor next

  • Christopher Dima  (Nov 11, 2018))

    OOOOOOH... That's a great idea!... That rebuild cost though... Might make it not worth it unless they scored an awesome deal and got it for dirt cheap.

  • photo biz  (Nov 3, 2018))

    DW Gaming have you watched any of there videos

  • Word to my timbs  (Oct 7, 2018))

    Miss the mexican dude from the junk yard!

  • Duo Goo  (Nov 17, 2018))

    +John Doe why you have to be racist though?

  • Word to my timbs  (Nov 12, 2018))

    Almighty Charlie in some of the older videos they go to this junkyard where this Mexican guy works. He’s hilarious.

  • Nemo Stewart  (Oct 7, 2018))

    You guys should do a series on the Volvo semi in the background. That would be pretty cool

  • Robert Powers  (Oct 7, 2018))

    You guys are awesome. I appreciate that you work your rear ends off and at a young age are so focused on a clear goal. I love that you don’t curse; I can watch you guys on the big flat screen without worrying if my kids hear bad words. I love the content. I love that you’re real. Don’t let people nit pick you to death. Keep it up!!!! 👊🏼“If that ain’t the smell of freedom...” 😂 😂My vote: gloss rims

  • Jason Hall  (Nov 19, 2018))

    loves it

  • Josue Bonilla  (Nov 1, 2018))

    Yeah first time watching and I like this dods

  • Jimmy Graham  (Jan 24, 2019))

    And replace the windshield.

  • King Of Show Bullies  (Oct 8, 2018))

    Not bad for a $22,500 salvage car with 5-10k in repairs....wonder where they get their money to do all these builds👌👌

  • Charleston Love  (4 days ago))

    They rob banks 🤫

  • Jimmy Graham  (Jan 24, 2019))

    Drugs and gay prostitution.

  • NO CLOUT  (Oct 27, 2018))

    *Hits a tree next week* next video:Re-rebuilding the kitty cat 😂😂

  • CVibes  (Oct 8, 2018))

    The next day they say”Alright guys we are making another video with the hell cat because we damaged the engine with the wash from yesterday