Google Pixel 2 Revisited: Android P Beta!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 11, 2018
  • Pixel 2 just got Android P beta - let's look at how well it holds up!

    Pixel 2 Review:

    Google Duplex:

    Wallpapers from the Backdrops app:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
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    Intro Track: Connery by Alltta



  • Garrett
    Garrett  14 days ago

    Least amount of bugginess....... Oof

  • Ali Esf
    Ali Esf  1 months ago

    No saport memory card sony mosic player!? Mp3! Android p redmi ۶fukkkkkk

  • Ali Esf
    Ali Esf  1 months ago

    No size vedio beast no full size fil manger player very badddddddd

  • what is a universal set?

    Cardi B's m*th******* voice for google ass(istant) lol

  • Garrett
    Garrett  2 months ago +2

    Watching this in 2019 and hearing him say the Pixel has the least amount of bugginess is funny, and sad.

  • I A
    I A  3 months ago

    So what happens when it stops receiving updates I want to buy this phone today but not sure if I should cos I guess the update ends next year

  • Henry Liang
    Henry Liang  3 months ago

    Sean bean voice for good assistance would be awesome

  • Harrypotter Hogwarts

    It’s four am rn idk why I’m up and alive

  • Subham Pal
    Subham Pal  4 months ago +1

    2:23. There you have the notch of pixel 3 XL 😂

  • Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan

    i dont think the design is bad i like it tbh

  • Aggrey R
    Aggrey R  5 months ago

    does android p mean pie?

  • IanGabianGabooin
    IanGabianGabooin  5 months ago

    Yes, Morgan Freeman's voice for google assistant would be pretty funny!

  • Paula Bucsa
    Paula Bucsa  5 months ago


  • Vuqar Cəbiyev
    Vuqar Cəbiyev  5 months ago


  • sarvesh sapkal
    sarvesh sapkal  5 months ago +1

    1:30 wallpaper name please

  • salaheddine makkaoui

    Can anyone explain to me why pixels phone still using one camera and they have the better quality between all phones ?

  • a b
    a b  6 months ago

    what to do with a samsung galaxy s7 edge that won't upgrade to latest software. Baseband GP35AUCS4APK1 any suggestions

  • Nic Millington
    Nic Millington  6 months ago +2

    I am considering buy this Phone in Early 2019. Is it still worth it? Please reply with your thoughts!

  • Tycho van Steeg
    Tycho van Steeg  6 months ago

    I like this phone more than the pixel 3 because of the navigation bar

  • Cameron-Michael Levers

    does anyone know what home button launcher he is using