Meet My New BEST FRIEND! (Make A Wish)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Today was a day I'll never forget! Thanks Make A Wish for giving me another amazing experience & can't wait to work with you guys more in the future!GET YOUR WASSABI MERCH NOW!http://www.AlexWassabi.comWassabi's MUST WATCH videos!: every Wassabi CHALLENGE video!: Wassabi episode EVERY DAY!JOIN THE JOURNEY!Twitter: Channel: @RealAlexWassabiDon't forget to remember!If you're not smiling,YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!! :)mKay bYe!Intro music by


  • multifandom person
    multifandom person  8 months ago +272

    I love how Alex is always making kid's day. He made this kid's dream come true. He saw the joy in her face.

  • Lia Bezhan
    Lia Bezhan  8 months ago +494

    If your not smiling, your doing it wrong😂😂 always smiling

  • Alejandra Picon
    Alejandra Picon  8 months ago +242

    At 13:15 Alex almost cursed😂😂like if u caught it

  • jazcara maxvoysey
    jazcara maxvoysey  8 months ago +96

    Alex is the sweetest dude in the world

  • Lia Bezhan
    Lia Bezhan  8 months ago +280

    Aww you are so nice Alex!😂❤ God bless you

  • james charles
    james charles  8 months ago +113

    Whoever dislikes this vid ur a monstrr

  • Jennifer Hackney
    Jennifer Hackney  8 months ago +126

    Who else saw this on his instagram story?

  • Melanie Flowers
    Melanie Flowers  8 months ago +63

    Quincy is so funny!

  • Emily _
    Emily _  8 months ago +25

    "I'll allow it"
    I loved this I'm soooo happy that you do this with people not like a lot of people lots of love ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Pods Pea
    Pods Pea  8 months ago +37

    I love how he was smiling in the whole video

  • Saharish Saeed
    Saharish Saeed  8 months ago +99

    I remember the last time he helped a child was with Lauren. 😭 😢

  • lizeth reyes
    lizeth reyes  8 months ago +27

    Alex having the chance to make someone’s day it’s the biggest blessing in the world u are such a humbled caring person we love u soooo much!!! Shoutout to ur parents for raising an amazing person like u may god bless u guys ❤️❤️

  • cool kittie
    cool kittie  8 months ago +48

    Alex, you are so inspiring. I truly love your channel. Remember if you're not smiling you are doing it wrong!☺

  • Shay Shay
    Shay Shay  8 months ago +10

    Question: is there going to be a part 2 to your dope music video?

  • Abraham
    Abraham  8 months ago +8

    This is the kind of Alex I love watching, not the kind that breaks cars ❤❤❤

  • Janelle’s World!!!
    Janelle’s World!!!  8 months ago +15

    Me:Can I comment on this video
    Quinsy:.....l’ll allow it (sorry if I didn’t spell it right)

  • Pug Boi
    Pug Boi  8 months ago +7

    :O This made my day seeing lauren and Alex again
    I hope the Girl gets better soon tho 🙏

  • Jessica McGee
    Jessica McGee  8 months ago +15

    I really want merch !! but I have money to buy any !☹️ Loved Quincy !!! you are the best Alex !!! And Quincy!!!

  • Avery Lopez-Baines
    Avery Lopez-Baines  8 months ago +19

    Wow you’re awesome Wassabi

  • AngelinaPotatoes
    AngelinaPotatoes  8 months ago +83

    Notifications squad where you at!?