Logan isn't happy... doesn't want jeffy (new channel)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Here's Logan talking about how he's not happy with what he does and making Jeffy videos. And how the SuperMarioLogan movie was suppose to actually be the end of his channelSUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW KIRB STOMP CHANNEL HERE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnv...Find the SML Crew on Instagram- TitoTotters- ChillyJimenez- LoganThirtyacre- BlizzardandSnow


  • Isaias Cat  11 months ago

    Rip sml rip sll. one like = a hope for them to live again😭

  • Azzaya Lol  2 months ago

    Yeah R.I.P

  • Amy Xoxo  3 months ago

    Sll is not Dead idiot

  • Erik Ochoa  11 months ago

    I’ve been watching for 4 years so if u take away Jeffy I wouldn’t care cuz junior was always my favorite

  • bryan Ramos  yesterday


  • Crystal Arevalo  3 months ago


  • King_Irving Records  11 months ago

    All you little kids who put Logan through so much depression by not watching Junior and demands Jeffy should be ashamed Jeffy is cool and all but treat logan and the other characters with respect. if logan was gone you'd realize you've been taking him for granted. Us true sml fans would sacrifice Jeffy and the other YouTubers who upload his vids for the sake of this channel you fake sml fans can leave like if you agree

  • SacredStep  13 days ago

    Ok, you are acting all high and mighty, you are calling people little kids even though you sound like an 11 year old.

  • Centipeeves  1 months ago

    Back then when I watched I only watched Junior videos and stayed away from most Jeffy videos

  • Apple_ YOUTUBE  11 months ago

    Just stop milking jeffy then! Easy fix!

  • lolo  11 months ago

    Yes finally bring back the old content for the OG subs! I've been watching for 8 years!!! Please dont abuse jeffy lol. Personally i hate jeffy

  • Sabrina pendergrass  6 months ago

    fuck you i love jeffy uh uh uh uh daddy what doing

  • lolo  8 months ago

    Have you ever heard of not having an account until you are 10 my parents are very protective and also I have a 2nd account that i created in 2015

  • The Kroozie-way Jays  11 months ago

    *SML Idea: Poor-man*_Goodman is rich and he is enjoying his rich self but then after he demand Mario for another house payment and threatens him that if it's not paid, Goodman will glue Mario's nipples to the ceiling and throw Mario "face-up" onto the ceiling until they're ripped off his chest! Mario gets tired of Goodman being a terrible person so he decides to sneak into Goodman's House and throw a match near the entrance to his closed and locked Money Bin with all his money, causing it t...

  • khaos  11 months ago

    The Kroozie-way Jays dude that is great idea

  • Frejas Family  11 months ago

    Bring back Toad.

  • Sabrina pendergrass  6 months ago

    logan my youtube channel does NOT GET ADS IM SO MAD

  • KnugenSugen  10 months ago

    Mr pig and mama luigi

  • JayTownHD  11 months ago

    Wait... no more Jeffy? I need it make a tribute videoOh nevermind it’s copyrighted

  • TFS_GHOST  11 months ago

    Jeffy kinda ruined his channel

  • Bowser Jr  5 months ago


  • Fbi  5 months ago


  • Tome Breslin  11 months ago

    Bring back the old 2013/2014 Junior and get rid of Jeffy. Am I the only one who remembers and loves the og junior?

  • Xtreme me  2 months ago

    I do

  • CG Cocosters  3 months ago

    Scittle Skits Also, Jeffy isn’t the key it’s the channel. Some people don’t like Jeffry but like the OGs better.