twenty one pilots - We Don't Believe What's On TV (Sleepers: Chapter 01)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • chapter 01: the first of five videos documenting the closing dates of this more videos from twenty one pilots: Play: & edited by: Reel Bear MediaSubscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #WeDontBelieveWhatsOnTV #SleepersSeries #FueledByRamen


  • Sarah Webb
    Sarah Webb  2 years ago +2575

    "i get scared to walk out the door, cause I'm afraid I won't be able to find that same door to get back in" ~Joshua Dun

  • fairlylocalmemer
    fairlylocalmemer  a years ago +588

    “The longest break we’ve had since we’ve start 6 years ago.”
    Clique now: REALLY HMMM

  • Detroit: Become Crabby
    Detroit: Become Crabby  2 years ago +724

    Josh Dun
    Tyler Joesph
    Like if you agree for either

  • hi hi
    hi hi  2 years ago +3555

    joshua dun
    like if u agree

  • deanna
    deanna  2 years ago +162

    okay but why is nobody talking about tyler singing in the empty arena because it's so beautiful and i'm crying. i feel like it has a different meaning to everyone but it's just so pure and aghhhh

  • Sydney Yokley
    Sydney Yokley  2 years ago +855


  • SuneFøx
    SuneFøx  2 years ago +323

    Here's to the first song,
    Here's to the band,
    Here's to the lives that have been saved,
    And the ones they have just began,
    Here's to the new fans,
    And the old,
    Here's to everyone affected by this music,
    Here's to our boys,
    Here's to the clique,
    And many more things to come.

  • grace platt
    grace platt  2 years ago +128

    hearing josh saying heathens and migraine made me happy

  • mollypop
    mollypop  a years ago +89

    remember when that was the longest break they had. hAH

  • saachi b
    saachi b  2 years ago +615

    josh: "when i'm 80, and my grandkids-"
    me: "you mean my grandkids"
    *smiles evilly*

  • dowuwun
    dowuwun  2 years ago +2368

    i would happily catch a cold from josh dun.

  • libby
    libby  a years ago +248


  • My Chemical Rømance Trash
    My Chemical Rømance Trash  2 years ago +386

    On the 21st I went to my show. I wasn't even two feet away from Josh twice. I almost held up his drums both of those times. He had looked right at me and all I saw when I looked at him was the bright yellow of his hair, the darkness of the red around his eyes, and the pure happiness in his eyes (also the tiny red spot on the right side of his ribs). During Tree his had this smile on his face, and he just slowly stood up and then started beating the drums. The water that came off his drums felt so cold compared to everything else and then all the sudden you're covered in confetti and water and Josh is back on stage holding onto Tyler (Holding Onto Tyler, get it?) and they're bowing the within in the next few seconds they're gone and everyone's walking out crying or screaming to people about how amazing it all was, and the safest most happiest moments and space have now gone. Thank you Tyler and Josh, I'll never forget how safe and emotional it was to be able to scream about how I felt surrounded by over 19,000 people who felt the same |-/

  • adriana479
    adriana479  a years ago +493

    how long was there break in this video? because i think the hiatus is longer😢😢

  • trashy trashcan
    trashy trashcan  2 years ago +631

    Hi frens, only Twenty Øne Pilots fans Will understand this...
    If listen to a Twenty Øne Pilots song, it gives me a feeling. I don't know what feeling it is, but it feels good. It's like they're gods. And they are saving lifes. That's why they're gods. They even saved my life. When i wasn't fan of Twenty Øne Pilots yet, i wanted to commit suicide. Now i'm thinking: HELL NO BRAH! And i hope everyone in the world can have this feeling. Even the bad guys. Because it feels amazing.
    Stay Alive My Frens |-/

  • Dayanara Ventura
    Dayanara Ventura  2 years ago +2336

    can we appreciate josh's words, his thoughts, in this video
    can we be proud of how he's slowly but surely controlling his anxiety and for the shows he's done for us w/ tyler since day one
    thank you josh, you're an amazing person and an inspiration to me and all
    (obviously love tyler as well)

  • YettiBunny
    YettiBunny  2 years ago +188

    I like to think that Tyler sings the lines, "I don't care what's in your hair, I just want to know what's on your mind. I used to think I'd like to die before I'm old, but because of you I might think twice" to Josh, because Josh dyes his hair not only because it's cool but also because he wants people to take him seriously and not take advantage of him. And I like to think that Tyler sings that to let Josh know that the inner Josh is better and more important to him than what everyone else thinks

  • Kayla T
    Kayla T  2 years ago +199

    oooooh i'd pay so much to be in an alone concert like that 5:22

  • Daddy Maddie
    Daddy Maddie  2 years ago +46

    why the hell am crying? wait Josh's smile and Tyler's face.

  • Ashley Hagen
    Ashley Hagen  2 years ago +100