Magic Johnson reveals Lakers' expectations, how to beat Warriors | First Take

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 18, 2018
  • Magic Johnson joins First Take to discuss his expectations for the Lakers this season, Lonzo Ball's progression and if he sees any weaknesses in the Golden State Warriors.

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  • Edward Harmon
    Edward Harmon  4 days ago

    Magic is my fav NBA player of all time

  • Mig Mill
    Mig Mill  11 days ago

    Magic said " Kevin Durant is the most unstoppable player in the NBA " which makes KD the best player in the NBA not lebron James 🤣😂

  • Terrell Miller
    Terrell Miller  12 days ago +1

    All the Asskissing Steven A do to Jordan how come Jordan never been on the Show ?

  • veazy v
    veazy v  26 days ago

    His plan is to keep his young core and sign superstar free's not working. Make a trade 😂

  • Bryan Baquita
    Bryan Baquita  27 days ago

    You need shooters... not ingram and lonzo

  • Bryan Baquita
    Bryan Baquita  27 days ago

    Majic why you keep lonzo and imgram ... ther not good.. look for better shooter... i dont see ingram is good... i thing lonzo is your cousen...heheheheh

  • kennyb50
    kennyb50  1 months ago

    Kellerman is really starting to bother me. They asked Magic what other player was key besides LeBron. Magic starts explaining that it was Ingram and Kellerman , the expert , cuts him off and inserts Lonzo into conversation. Dude is annoying as fuck. Kills me when guys who have never competed know more than players and coaches.

  • Victor Tang
    Victor Tang  1 months ago +1

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    • Victor Tang
      Victor Tang  1 months ago +1

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  • Cleon French
    Cleon French  1 months ago

    Magic is very influential person, very smart and he the know how to get it done. I am seeing improvements in the Lakers and once the players are more confident, hard working and more committed, to add Lebron has a high benchmark. It will be exciting to see what will happen.

  • Christopher Moffett
    Christopher Moffett  1 months ago

    The video game James bull crap, he get away with travels and charges and get phantom calls. Give the bum shooters and shooters and play makers yet if they can't defend everyone by themselves while he does nothing and let him get his stat line. Then be the one to seal the deal at the end and turn around and give him the credit then you're a bad teammate to him. The guy is trash over 20000 fast break points though. Wish Kobe would have not passed on the break he would have around 40000 points, Himself

  • Christopher Moffett
    Christopher Moffett  1 months ago

    yet Kobe with tens of thousand hockey assists and averaged 5 assists gets called a ball hog and he never had the amount of shooters and play makers they give this bum James.

  • Anbesa25
    Anbesa25  1 months ago

    "I just finished saying that" lmao

  • Manuel F
    Manuel F  1 months ago

    Not showtime till they win those rings

  • Smash With Mee
    Smash With Mee  1 months ago

    Magic saying he got the aids cure secret weapon😂🤣

  • Skip Bayless
    Skip Bayless  1 months ago

    Lebron and lakers aren’t goin nowhere

  • Derik Hurley
    Derik Hurley  1 months ago

    Molly wasn't even that bad get off her nuts

  • Duoch Irkz Crimson IV

    Fu Bullshit two faced hypocritical S.A.S

  • Abasi Akan
    Abasi Akan  1 months ago

    Molly, Molly, Molly SMH 🙄

  • George Miles
    George Miles  1 months ago

    4:53 and slow it down to .25 speed and count Curry’s steps after he dribbles

  • Qballnz 92
    Qballnz 92  1 months ago

    Beal and A Davis