Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 7

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 3, 2018
  • Anyone can rebuild a car! If your willing to do whatever it takes, that is. This 2017 dodge challenger hellcat has been quite the challenge. However we have been moving along smoothly and the results are amazing. With the tons of research and making the proper connections we are able to make this build flow with ease. Follow along and see how far we can take this build. Thanks For Watching!!!Vtuned Channel: T-Shirts: A Patron: :


  • Ray97
    Ray97  11 months ago +177

    Vtuned, what a great dude. So young and he has a great skill set that'll last him a life time.

  • michael stern
    michael stern  11 months ago +410

    Your friend is a master in body work. OEM

  • Baked Beanz on Toast
    Baked Beanz on Toast  11 months ago +183

    That lad at the body shop is a marvel to watch, another great episode lads, 🍻

  • RichardBodeker
    RichardBodeker  11 months ago +77

    Congrats to your parents for bringing you up right. They have much to be proud of. You young men are a good example for other people today I am proud of you both. Hard working and showing other young people how to be productive in society today. You should be proud of yourselves!!!

  • Epid3mik
    Epid3mik  11 months ago +120

    The thing i like about this channel that youre not like the other ones that are out there and i mean this:
    Talking for 908671 years, put a bolt on and talks again for like 1827538123 years. I like that youre actually doin some work instead of talking so much! Cheers!

  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage  11 months ago +419

    Love working with you guys y’all are some of the most talented car rebuilders on YouTube
    Like if you agree.

  • Felix Morin
    Felix Morin  11 months ago +47

    Man this guy is real damn good at what he does no wonder yall always go to him.

  • 77transam1
    77transam1  11 months ago +58

    VTUNEDDDDDDD!!!😎 Beautiful work man!

  • ribhi Anshassi
    ribhi Anshassi  11 months ago +21

    Bruh tell ur frame guy that he’s a beast wtf

  • rustler2222
    rustler2222  11 months ago +62

    Wow, flag on the wall!!!! Slava Ukraina! Probably someone their is from Ukraine! Greetings from Latvia!!

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  11 months ago +41

    Awe snap!!! We've all been waiting for this!!! Someday I hope to be on your level!

  • Backyard Chevy
    Backyard Chevy  11 months ago +76

    This channel always gets things done the right way..great job👍

  • repoman3353 James
    repoman3353 James  11 months ago +16

    The boy gots talent straight up and you dude's are talented 2 also great assistance

  • Danny Curtis
    Danny Curtis  11 months ago +2

    Great job 👍👍. I like your man v tune. Big respect from England 👍👍hes a worker . Magic man 😁👍

  • Scott Siebert
    Scott Siebert  11 months ago +198

    I'm glad to see some of the younger generation doing something productive with their lives versus adding to the statistics! Great job guys! Y'all need to open a shop!

  • William2005Ball
    William2005Ball  11 months ago +3

    This kid is amazing so talented and gifted for his age . Love your videos 👍🏻💯

  • Born 100 Years Late
    Born 100 Years Late  11 months ago +4

    V Tune you are the man. You should let him drive the Hellcat when its done!

  • xRideJade
    xRideJade  11 months ago +10

    Kudos and cookies for the frame guy. vTuned nailed it.

  • car guy
    car guy  11 months ago +6

    Hell of a job guys keep it up. One of the very few car channels that bust their tail and produce awesome quality content that is interesting to watch man. Better than actual cable networks 👍

  • Noxious
    Noxious  11 months ago +4

    Maximum 1-2 hours and the part 8 will be uploaded :D
    I hope so..