Stephen Curry Reacts To The Most Embarrassing Moments In His Career!(Trolls Himself)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
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  • James Bethel
    James Bethel  4 months ago

    So nobody saw Chris Paul step on his foot but me huh

  • Let Go
    Let Go  5 months ago

    What’s that shit on his face

  • Noob Nightmare
    Noob Nightmare  5 months ago

    Curry and Westbrook top 2 pg in term of fun and exciting to watch

  • Brandon Hensel
    Brandon Hensel  5 months ago

    for the longest i thought chris stepped on stephs foot 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • YoBoi 1129
    YoBoi 1129  5 months ago

    Who the hell likes this and y u got ur dam name in the middle of the screen stupid

  • Eatdatcat Brier
    Eatdatcat Brier  5 months ago

    There watchin like his best moments not most embarrassing

  • Sergi-OG
    Sergi-OG  5 months ago

    3:54 "Embarrassing Moment In His Career" thank me later

  • Yung Buzz
    Yung Buzz  5 months ago

    He ain get CP3 Cuz CP3 stepped on his foot Nd lost balance 💯💯

  • Daniels Fedotovs
    Daniels Fedotovs  5 months ago

    I am a Warriors hater, but I can't hate Steph, I just don't have a reason to

  • Kevin Bernardo
    Kevin Bernardo  5 months ago

    How are they the most embarrassing moments?! Get your shit together sports center lmao

  • DatBoy DenzyTv
    DatBoy DenzyTv  5 months ago

    Ain’t no embarrassing moments in here though 🤔

  • Alex Barkley
    Alex Barkley  5 months ago

    Does anyone see when Chris Paul fell he stepped on curry's foot. Then curry pulled his foot back making Chris fall

    PKG VP IISLAND  5 months ago

    MVPs neva have excuses 💪🏾💯

  • Sneaker HeadKidDj
    Sneaker HeadKidDj  5 months ago

    So we gon act like kyrie didn’t drop u 🧐🤨

  • Jalen Hill
    Jalen Hill  5 months ago

    Happy I come to comments first

  • Gregory Ford
    Gregory Ford  5 months ago

    I'm suprised he didn't say Eric Gordon

  • Daily content
    Daily content  5 months ago

    I embarrassing moment troll

  • Trew Teal
    Trew Teal  5 months ago

    Need to include the time he got bodied right after his celebration

  • milksteak flyer
    milksteak flyer  5 months ago

    at least you know a guy is trying when he gets dropped liked that

  • Nasia Love
    Nasia Love  5 months ago

    he doesn't want to talk about the 2016 Kyrie crossover tho 😀😁😂