Daddy Dave vs Promod during testing

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Street Outlaw's Daddy Dave procharged Chevy II nova runs against Pro Mod corvette during testing. Please like and subscribe.For more no prep filming we do follow our social medias at:Facebook: Channel: Nationalnoprep


  • Greg Storie
    Greg Storie  4 months ago +2

    That so called ProMod is a big block chevy with a blower. The owner, my father, has no sponsors and is retired and not rich. He is racing with the younger guys with sponsors and won last years Pro Street Racing Association race last year (2018) and came in 2nd and 3rd many times before that. Bob Storie ran a 4.19 and Daddy dave ran a 4.21. Notice the Corvette was all out of shape the last 100-200 ft and had to lift. The Corvette is a Top Sportsman class car which is about half a second slower than a ProMod.

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy  a years ago +7

    daddy dave is the best driver on the show ,

  • Eric Mayo
    Eric Mayo  a years ago +13

    Yea he got ass busted but figure the numbers promod is way lighter mor horses an Dave hung with it. Shows how tough Goliath is

  • adam kane
    adam kane  a years ago +4

    Give the boy credit regardless of the disadvantage he has he not afraid to race those overpowered under weighted promod trackracers badass right fear🤙🤙...we gotta new chief in town 🤭🤭

  • Stan
    Stan  a years ago +8

    He hung with him. Not too shabby

  • My Drawing
    My Drawing  a years ago +12

    Daddy Dave is getting faster and faster. he will get that #1 spot.

  • Joe Trout
    Joe Trout  11 months ago

    1/8 mile Quarter mile that pro mod blows it away!

  • Rashod Lamar
    Rashod Lamar  6 months ago

    Bet that pro mod crew was like dam better not do that again!!

  • Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez  7 months ago

    How about the Memphis boys I love there show

  • Peter Workman
    Peter Workman  9 months ago

    Nice car but daddy Dave needs to get the front paint to match the rest of the car

  • Joe & Becky Clark
    Joe & Becky Clark  a years ago

    That’s one badass ride Dave I like it

  • brianmathew09
    brianmathew09  a years ago +1

    yeah..good job,...dont show the ET

  • Twisted Steel
    Twisted Steel  a years ago +3

    Damn good run. Maybe a car and a half but every thing considered great pass. Especially behind about 1,000 hp and bad aero, plus the little bit of added weight. I'd say a damn good pass.

  • Jim S
    Jim S  5 months ago

    That was cool!!!

  • Jojo Mj
    Jojo Mj  11 months ago +1

    Daddy dave need twin turbos

  • La&dave Ednas
    La&dave Ednas  3 months ago


    EL REY RC  a years ago

    Ta dura esa carrera es como manda

  • Damion Solomon
    Damion Solomon  a years ago +4

    Everyone who talking against Dave don't know about cars that pro mod should've had a bigger gap than that on Dave. Dave getting faster and faster

  • D Carden
    D Carden  a years ago +1

    Real street shit "back up reverse lights/ turn signals"

  • the grinch
    the grinch  a years ago +3

    Love daves backup lights