Daddy Dave vs Promod during testing

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018


  • Jojo Mj
    Jojo Mj  1 months ago

    Daddy dave need twin turbos

  • 9FOSSIL9
    9FOSSIL9  1 months ago

    Anyone have an educated guess as to how quick this car really is in the 1/8th?

  • Joe Trout
    Joe Trout  2 months ago

    1/8 mile Quarter mile that pro mod blows it away!

  • roger thornton
    roger thornton  2 months ago

    Pro mod or not daddy Dave will drag your ass. And if u don’t watch it he will kick your ass. Who’s your daddy.

  • Jason Hogner
    Jason Hogner  2 months ago

    Dave is an excellent driver and gave the pro-mod a lot closer race than he should have...take another 800lbs off Goliath and Dave wins every time!

  • MrPfcmoore
    MrPfcmoore  2 months ago +1

    Is daddy Dave’s crew finding new ways to cheat with big titty chief

  • Heavy Hitter
    Heavy Hitter  2 months ago

    Dave is a bitch

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy  2 months ago +5

    daddy dave is the best driver on the show ,

  • Damion Solomon
    Damion Solomon  2 months ago +4

    Everyone who talking against Dave don't know about cars that pro mod should've had a bigger gap than that on Dave. Dave getting faster and faster

    • Joe Trout
      Joe Trout  2 months ago

      Damion Solomon yeah an if it was 1/4 mile that pro mod would of gapped it by 30 cars!

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds  2 months ago

    Dave is a crying little bitch

  • Richard Sparrow
    Richard Sparrow  2 months ago

    Tube chassis pro mod motor over 2000 horsepower street car 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • brianmathew09
    brianmathew09  2 months ago

    yeah..good job,...dont show the ET

  • adam kane
    adam kane  2 months ago +4

    Give the boy credit regardless of the disadvantage he has he not afraid to race those overpowered under weighted promod trackracers badass right fear🤙🤙...we gotta new chief in town 🤭🤭

    • Ripley LB426
      Ripley LB426  2 months ago

      adam kane yeah and it ain't Big Chief..... Bout time

  • Robby King
    Robby King  2 months ago

    Street racers are the real idiots we had one due the other night, daddy Dave showing that these guys on the show are no talent hacks he lost on the line he was so damn slow off the line, plus he slipped and fish tailed which doesn't help when you don't get your tires hot enough you don't stick, shows how much you street racers know about real racing it's all about the lines that usually were the race is won or lost, no way to cheat the light like with an arm drop or flashlight start, I see JJ da bitch cheat someone with an arm drop he pointed his index finger just before he dropped his arms and his wife took off

  • Robert Angel RC
    Robert Angel RC  2 months ago

    Ta dura esa carrera es como manda

  • James Wright
    James Wright  2 months ago +1

    Every body just mad cause they can't dr like daddy Dave .let's face it .u gotta have cry babies some where

  • Stan
    Stan  2 months ago +7

    He hung with him. Not too shabby

    • Joe Trout
      Joe Trout  2 months ago

      Its 1/8 mile! Roots blowers are made for 1/4 mile. In a 1/4 that pro mod would of blown it away

    • Mark Panbecker
      Mark Panbecker  2 months ago

      Cut Dave's weight down to the pro-mods and Dave prolly would have won....

  • Joe & Becky Clark
    Joe & Becky Clark  2 months ago

    That’s one badass ride Dave I like it

  • Christian Savage
    Christian Savage  2 months ago

    Bad ass

  • This Dudes A Dik
    This Dudes A Dik  2 months ago +12

    “It’s not a street car” “it’s not a street car” morons do realize they’ve never claimed any of their cars are daily driver street cars. They say “street raced cars”. Which means normally they race on asphalt/concrete. Some people are just a bit too ignorant to know the difference between “street car” and “street raced car”. They’ve even modified the opening narration for Street Outlaws to say “some of the fasted STREET RACED CARS in the nation”.

    • MrPfcmoore
      MrPfcmoore  1 months ago

      WINNING damn u still crying lol fuck mommy raised a pathetic little boy 😂

      WINNING  1 months ago

      +MrPfcmoore oh so the jealous little bitch troll makes a comment. LMFAO. Keep bitching little troll boy.

    • MrPfcmoore
      MrPfcmoore  1 months ago

      WINNING looks like you’re the only bitching and moaning as I read through these comments 😂😂😂

      WINNING  2 months ago

      Vic Chavez exactly.

    • Vic Chavez
      Vic Chavez  2 months ago

      This Dudes A Dik street car means street legal not daily driver