8 Hours Miracle Healing Music for Sleep, Fall Asleep Faster & Beat Insomnia #139

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Listen to our miracle healing music to fall asleep faster to beat insomnia. Wishing you better sleep. For the best sleep ever download your FREE meditation! https://www.empoweredsleepformula.com/

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  • Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music

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  • moose Mcgrew
    moose Mcgrew  2 hours ago


  • terri knight
    terri knight  17 hours ago

    Before I discovered this video I had a hard time falling asleep I prayed over the music I now go right to sleep or immediately go into relax mode my cat even relaxes from it stretching his long body right out.lol thank you.

  • Alessandro&Giuliano Ramirez

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  • Tonya Harris
    Tonya Harris  2 days ago

    So relaxing...so soothing. Absolutely love it ❤️!

  • NoOneLoves Malik
    NoOneLoves Malik  4 days ago

    I'm asleep right now as i type this zzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzz...

    MARY JOHNSON  5 days ago


  • Lori Gunn
    Lori Gunn  5 days ago

    Some sex at night feels sooooooooo good

  • Meena Maduro
    Meena Maduro  5 days ago

    Jason i need help

  • Cynthia Peterkin
    Cynthia Peterkin  7 days ago

    Good night

  • Kat Meow
    Kat Meow  7 days ago +13

    I have chronic anxiety and this is the third time listening to this as I go to sleep. I listen to this about an hour before retiring and the music is really soothing and calming. Thanks so much... goodnight!

  • Samuel Lynch
    Samuel Lynch  7 days ago

    I don’t get much sleep due to a|d|d and adhd which makes me active but this helped me get to sleep faster than without it.

  • 77heavensgate
    77heavensgate  7 days ago

    Amazing music healing my problems of sleeping I think there’s a very beautiful and they seem to work wonderful for me thank you so much

  • Nessa Ankrah
    Nessa Ankrah  7 days ago +1

    I really like the music because the people who live up stairs stump every night when me and my bother are sleeping. THANK YOU.

  • jonathan Fowler
    jonathan Fowler  7 days ago

    I could not get to sleep so I put this music on and I fell asleep after 1 minute

  • louie fernandez
    louie fernandez  7 days ago +1

    Soothing sounds while sleeping!!!💄😃✔🎉

  • Pamela Phillips
    Pamela Phillips  14 days ago

    Just beautiful, my heart is just filled with such peace and joy! Literally my eyes are full of tears of joy. Thank you so much!💜

  • Abd el malek
    Abd el malek  14 days ago


  • Дела домашние.


  • Sanj Tiwari
    Sanj Tiwari  14 days ago

    I think I can share here....
    I'm tired of the competition, pressure, expectations. I can't do those things leaving my standard. Maybe I won't b getting all those necessary things but all I want is love and respect. I'm drunk now and I drink quite often only to b relieved. I'm not happy, I dont smile, i hardly sleep...I need peace. Still, have some hope, will never stop tryin but it hurts.