Love hurts... lofi hiphop mix

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 10, 2017
  • Its been a while since I've uploaded a proper themed mix. This took me ages to make & pick tracks for so I hope you guys enjoy it! Tracklist and links to the artists pages below ^-^» Mixes Playlist -» Discord (15k+ members) - 0:00 Bassti - I'm sad2. 2:29 through & through - the world forgetting, by the world forgot3. 4:53 Quinho - you're the only one for me4. 6:06 Tomppabeats - she doesn't pick up5. 7:05 Tomppabeats - losing u6. 8:03 I eat Plants for a living - Alone Together7. 9:57 H.1 - Stay8. 12:02 Molagon - Archimedes9. 14:08 E66S 卵 - beachside10. 16:45 Luvbird - dry rain11. 17:43 Luvbird - February12. 19:52 E66S 卵 - gently13. 21:25 rook1e - I fell in love with you one night in September14. 23:02 bzkt - I just wanna die15. 24:50 E66S 卵 - I know where I'm going16. 26:44 E66S 卵 - I spilled moonshine on my 404 and this came out17. 28:24 .anxious. - Last day of summer break18. 30:27 angelo - melancholy19. 33:26 ブロックル - miss u hate u20. 36:13 volthi - nicotine21. 37:46 Prima - nights with you22. 40:13 Cat Naps - nothing was the same23. 41:39 Ginji - Sketch #124. 43:56 Sayuw - Cherry Blossom ☕ Follow me hereTwitter » » » »🎨Gif is from the anime (Garden of Words)Bassti & through eat Plants for a living 卵ブロックル Naps


  • Mello -_- Mike  2 years ago

    Love doesn't hurt, loving the wrong person hurts.

  • Unless you love someone so much and you cant ever physically see them it hurts your heart. In my case with me and my gf

  • Savitarr  11 days ago

    @Chad Klevenberg false hope hurts

  • obsidian  2 years ago

    they say there is plenty more fish out there...but none stands out...

  • STAY2THE CEE  2 months ago

    *It's been 5 years apart now, I think....

  • bestbalkan  3 months ago

    @Lufroloc almost 4 years my guy

  • aldaddy  1 years ago

    everyone in the lo fi community is insane, this place is more towards agreeing with each other instead of arguing

  • Plamf  26 days ago

    we have had enough disagreement in our lives, we need respite

  • ×  27 days ago

    Just peace

  • Its Abie Art  2 years ago

    Here I am, on the sad corner of YouTube. been hurt by love. We all just want to be loved don't we? It's kind of sad, but there is beauty in it. Being in love, but not loved.

  • x RaSoR  4 days ago

    @Michael Mathews edge lord

  • Michael Mathews  1 months ago

    Grow some balls and fucking move on I literally feel my cock receding into my abdomen reading some of these comments.

  • maliyah mills  1 years ago

    i just wish you wanted a future with me as badly as you wanted my clothes off

  • x RaSoR  4 days ago

    @Skrmng Hrd ikr u got that feeling, too? Its like i sometimes think im a wild animal or so 😂 fucking bloodlust idk man.

  • Frostbite 115  1 months ago

    Skrmng Hrd Not all males and not always

  • 3kR  2 years ago

    I want to confess some stuff. I know that nobody is going to read this anyway so whatever. I am sad or maybe I am not. I do not know that. Heck, I don't know who I am myself, I know it's normal for a teenager to feel like that, however I feel empty, unfulfilled and dead. I almost never smile, almost always keep the same facial expression and am a pretty "cold" person, as many people around me have dubbed me as "the heartless one". It's frustrating to not know, who you yourself are....

  • 박유나  2 days ago

    Hey dude, this comment was 2 years ago. Curious, how are you feeling today? I really hope time has changed some things for you~

  • taco men  1 months ago

    I wish I could feel the same way as I did in elementary and be happy and not lie to people that I'm ok and happy I sometimes questioned my self am I really fucking ugly and a worthless peace of shit that people dont care about and I try to not think that way but always I have to wake up in the morning in go through this living hell that we call life but always I go to sleep to not feel the pain I feel every day but when I need to ask someone to help they think I need it for attention but is not that i...

  • silpae  2 years ago

    love hurts indeed. i knew a girl who made me feel like i was actually important for once, until i found out i was being used as a rebound. an object. i was nothing to her, and yet she was everything to me. i know i need to let go, but thats hard when the most influential person in your life left you for someone else. i feel bad for that fellow. so unaware that she changes lovers like dirty pairs of underwear. but to anyone that is reading this, just know that even if we'll never kiss, hug, or have a dr...

  • Sonely Loul  1 months ago

    Same here my dear friend, whom I'll never meet.

  • Donovan Williams  3 months ago

    I feel that soo hard. I’m stuck man. Everyone’s telling me it’s time to move on; you’re putting more effort in it than she is. She’s not the one for you. Man, that’s so much easier said than done. I had a feeling from the moment we met that she’s too good for me. After taking her out on our first date, we declare our feelings for each other, and it was magical. I was like “YEAH!! It’s finally happening!!!” Since then, we’ve talked on the phone a couple of times, but I asked her out again, and she s...

  • Shinobi  2 years ago

    I was dating this girl for about 9 months. I kind of went into the relationship not sure of it. So eventually we broke up. And I was fine with that. But it's true that you don't realize what you have until it's gone. After a while of not being with her I found myself feeling lonely and alone. But she had already started moving on. Which to me came as a surprised because she moved on so quick. And I know she really did love me. But eventually we did hit each other back up and I guess we tried to get bac...

  • Plamf  26 days ago

    You matter, find someone who knows thatMuch love

  • Nathan Xabrera  28 days ago

    1 year ago. Any update with your relationship life? :)

  • Marie C.  2 years ago

    The guy I was with for 8 years and 11 months broke up with me just last Sunday, I've been devastated. We've been together since we were 16 and I'm so broken. I'm at the point that idk what to do. I just have this gut feeling that this is it for us and it's so fucking hard and painful. This music just makes me burst into tears. I fear it won't get better. Love is tough for everyone, I hope everyone finds it and stick with it.

  • Nick Baroni  21 days ago

    how are things now?

  • Im sorry for you 😭

  • Dena  2 years ago

    ladies and gents, be happy you have experienced such an intense love that is physically hurting you. These moments are rare during your lifetime, cherish your lost love and don't lose yourself in hate or sorrow, be open and help others, your love will come back in similar or other forms. this is what i have to remind my self every day for the last year.

  • Ian Cole  4 days ago

    You right bro

  • Eric  1 months ago

    Thanks foo