CNA | Don't Call Us Poor | E02: Trouble at Home

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 6, 2019
  • FROM THE ARCHIVE: This series first aired on TV in 2015.In the second episode of Don’t Call Us Poor, Hong Chuan Chuan is 7 months pregnant with a husband whose temper cannot be controlled. The impact of the violence at home is evident in her two daughters, and with a new baby on the way, the stakes are even higher.About the show: Don’t Call Us Poor is a ground-breaking series on low-income families in Singapore. Over four months, five families in Bukit Merah invited cameras into their lives, allowing fly-on-the-wall access as they navigate the ups and downs of life on social assistance. What emerges is a vivid portrait of a little-known and little-understood world.Subscribe to our channel here: to our news service:WhatsApp: us:CNA: https://cna.asiaCNA Lifestyle: http://www.cnalifestyle.comFacebook:


  • Tim in Singapore
    Tim in Singapore  3 months ago +1955

    Mr Sky is truly useless. Wife beating, lazy, unhealthy without any willingness to improve himself or his family's condition. He tells the camera he hits his wife while laughing? That's just crazy.

  • Aster Ooi
    Aster Ooi  3 months ago +1120

    Chuan chuan should really consider leaving her abusive husband together with her children...

  • Small Husky
    Small Husky  3 months ago +1006

    the family will be betteroff without that fat Sky ..he simply jiak liao bee, no contribution. I believe without the husband, their life might be more happy

  • Seetoh
    Seetoh  3 months ago +275

    Sky disgusts me. What kind of man takes allowance from his in-laws and refuses to commit to a full-time job to improve his family's life?

  • Aidil Adnan
    Aidil Adnan  3 months ago +460

    The way he said it proudly. Disgusting. It's like there is nothing wrong for beating his wife.

  • Linuxfy Here
    Linuxfy Here  3 months ago +612

    Stop having children before you financial secure

  • laydieehannah
    laydieehannah  3 months ago +514

    The wife could sell off Mr Sky as roast meat at the wet market. With all those fats he could fetch a good price and at least feed the family 🤭😆

  • oOoGUO Tang
    oOoGUO Tang  3 months ago +510

    I’m frowning the entire time I’m watching sky’s behavior.

  • David Poopy
    David Poopy  3 months ago +236

    Lol that botak bum is so proud of his "anger issues" and how people "shouldn't trigger him". Don't show your strength and temper to women and old men. Go try pull that shit on able men, see what we do to u.

  • Tan Kok Hwa
    Tan Kok Hwa  3 months ago +206

    That sky is only violent towards the wife and childrens. If he dare the uncle he also whack but he hold back means he can control just want to bully his family. Useless guy . angry watching this video .

  • Tan alan
    Tan alan  3 months ago +376

    Sky is not poor but lazy.

  • Soshi- Fied
    Soshi- Fied  3 months ago +165

    The sky dude is a kid, remind me of my brother. Deluded and think he’s entitled to his anger all the time.

  • Lexy Teo
    Lexy Teo  3 months ago +39

    Sky looks more pregnant than his wife

  • fleurina flau
    fleurina flau  3 months ago +224

    Their daughter also will become like their dad..just see how she treated her friends & spoke about bullies like it was nothing.she will be in trouble when she grow up if she didn't change her attitude.

  • boredbeingbored
    boredbeingbored  3 months ago +253

    What a dysfunctional relationship... that sky quek- totally useless chap... useless and abusive too.. makes me angry just watching this video..

  • RamPaGx Gx
    RamPaGx Gx  3 months ago +241

    Sky is honestly just a burden

  • Calorie counter
    Calorie counter  3 months ago +117

    Is he threatening her whilst shes in labour????????? what on earth

  • EW W
    EW W  3 months ago +140

    This type of bloody Husband only know how to sing karaoke and show his temper to Wife. The social service should help her before she or kids r killed by the Husband . This is one most important thing the social service should put as priority

  • TheSingapuraCat
    TheSingapuraCat  3 months ago +220

    Now I know whats wrong with this couple. The Sky is not always blue, my friend.

  • Lionel Lim
    Lionel Lim  3 months ago +212

    A guy who hits his Wife should be kept in jail for eternity. Not to mention he’s a bum. 🤦🏻‍♂️