Leveraging OCI AI Text Extraction capabilities using Oracle Integration

  • Published on:  Friday, June 24, 2022
  • Files from source FTP or File server can be read into Integration Cloud as a structured file or as an opaque file. Structured files can only be xml, xsd, json or a simple comma separated file (csv). Therefore, for PDF files we must use opaque schemas and can’t really read the contents. That is where we can leverage OCI Vision’s AI text extraction to parse PDFs and read the contents.

    OCI Vision automatically extracts word- and line-level text from documents that are rotated, tilted, and shaded to support real-world document quality issues. It is a fully managed, multi-tenant, native cloud service that helps you with all your common computer vision tasks. Either leverage pretrained models or easily create custom vision models for industry- and customer-specific scenarios (image recognition, classifying images, detecting objects, extracting text and recognizing tables). #codeinnovate #aivision #oic #oci