Failure To Launch - GTA 5 Funny Moments

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • Alright, kids! Place your bets! Which obscure TV show that aired a decade before any of our viewers were born will the gang reference to close out this video?a. Hoopermanb. Beauty and the Beastc. Max Headroomd. Scarecrow and Mrs. Kinge. Wiseguyf. Yes, these are real showsg. Yes. Even the Scarecrow oneh. I don't know. Go ask your grandparentsFollow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • VapeGoat
    VapeGoat  1 months ago +1045

    I've just come to the realisation that James likes sitting in a wheelchair because it makes his shoulders look huge

  • Eumelanin Knight
    Eumelanin Knight  1 months ago +812

    Oh...I remember recording this, like 3 months ago.
    You can't forget a disaster like that.

  • Dragonrana
    Dragonrana  1 months ago +589

    idk how I feel about this podcast it was focused on some game for too long and not enough random 80's and 90's movies.

  • TheOdd101
    TheOdd101  1 months ago +287

    So James clearly squatted so much that his legs got too big and now he can't walk.
    This is the peak of human physical fitness everyone.

  • The One Man Who Beat You
    The One Man Who Beat You  1 months ago +108

    It's weird hearing them actually talk about the game they're playing instead of sex

  • Luke Borg
    Luke Borg  1 months ago +450

    GTA gameplay with actual GTA gameplay... lame.

  • Izaik Babar
    Izaik Babar  1 months ago +55

    We actually did James’s blood wars in my high school. Whenever the blood drive came in we would have a contest of who could fill the bag up the fastest. They would give you a small stress ball to grip and the trick would be to rapidly pump it so the blood would come out faster. We only had one kid pass out but he won so it was alright.

  • Gabriel Dansdill
    Gabriel Dansdill  1 months ago +32

    I miss the days when the quintessential gamer would play test the courses. *cough

  • Will Sullivan
    Will Sullivan  1 months ago +143

    GTA has a bug/trick where if you're still moving upwards during the jump, and you pull back until you're almost completely upside down, you'll fly infinitely. I think that's what this map was going for.

  • SeventhColumn77 _
    SeventhColumn77 _  1 months ago +92

    This is my favorite podcast.

  • CrowThatGoesCAW -
    CrowThatGoesCAW -  1 months ago +31

    This episode is about as catastrophic as the video length.

  • Grant
    Grant  1 months ago +64

    I was really hoping they would make the jump, then I remembered this is basically just a 10-minute podcast.

  • Curtis Hoffman
    Curtis Hoffman  1 months ago +77

    Pharah's a button. This is a series of glitches. - Adam Kovic explaining the difference between Overwatch and TF2.

  • Ammar Ahmed
    Ammar Ahmed  1 months ago +104

    Why is James sitting in a wheel chair?

  • Ivan
    Ivan  1 months ago +22

    5:55 In case you are wondering that is Ljubljana they are driving through... Wow, never thought I'd see my city on FH

  • Dusty Partition
    Dusty Partition  1 months ago +26

    You guys finally got internet back and you accidentally end up playing a Mario Maker on expert GTA map.
    Good job :)

  • Dr3v0
    Dr3v0  1 months ago +21

    5:51 they used my city's background :D

  • Mitchell Woroniecki
    Mitchell Woroniecki  1 months ago +9

    Could someone show me the proof that they knew about the inifinite flying glitch before TwistedAnthony told them. Cause, to my memory, I have never seen them do it once, or talk about it.

  • FADED '03
    FADED '03  28 days ago +3

    "I think I know what to do, but I don't know how to execute it"
    -Bruce 2019
    He literally just described my life

  • shwkat ali
    shwkat ali  1 months ago +10

    This gta map is s metaphor for all the references bruce and adam put on their video as In I'm confused and it's old