LeBron James Opens School for At-Risk Students ft. Sam Tripoli & DavidSoComedy

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • LeBron James has opened an experimental school for at-risk students

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  • hanjaessi
    hanjaessi  2 hours ago

    People went to college to learn about injustices in the world and protested way before now. It’s now new

  • KasheMoneyRemix
    KasheMoneyRemix  26 days ago

    Sam tripoli is my least favorite guest

  • giemonster
    giemonster  3 months ago

    Hahaha this Sam guy is pretty cool!

  • UMYEYES Martinez
    UMYEYES Martinez  3 months ago

    Sam's gonna blow out Tiffany 👂 🥁

  • Josh cardenas
    Josh cardenas  4 months ago

    The guest is wack

  • Parker Sanders
    Parker Sanders  4 months ago

    What Sam was saying had me so lost lmao, he's cool but that was really confusing

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard  4 months ago

    What Joe says about white people is so true.

  • TheZetazee
    TheZetazee  4 months ago

    Finally someone louder than fucken Geo keep him on forever

  • _urbanprophet
    _urbanprophet  4 months ago +1

    This dude's humor is so dry, not a fan. skipping his vids..

  • Geraldine şϻίţħ

    Ugh whats with these comments?! Sam's awesome!

  • Chris C
    Chris C  4 months ago

    Lebron better than jordan don’t @ me

  • TheMalformedMushroom
    TheMalformedMushroom  4 months ago +1

    I love sam but damn its like his volume is stuck at maximum

  • raz 00
    raz 00  4 months ago

    Sam Tripoli is really funny. I want to see more of him! & his views are spot on

  • Nick Ocariz
    Nick Ocariz  4 months ago

    this guy is racist af

  • Joe I
    Joe I  4 months ago

    Came back to jk after a long time. Thought they were gonna have a new spot? Update me y’all

    • Jermaine Williams
      Jermaine Williams  4 months ago

      Joe I fans didn't react well to it for Jk new but they use it for jk party

  • achimi
    achimi  4 months ago

    Yo wtf. I genuinely like Sam, dude's funny af

  • aniyha forgs
    aniyha forgs  4 months ago


  • fluffy4life 619
    fluffy4life 619  4 months ago

    I like this new guy. He has a lot of energy.

  • Sami .Daher
    Sami .Daher  4 months ago +3

    Just wanted to add something that Jk news miss. the school is funded 50-75% by taxpayer dollars and the rest/additional benefits are LeBron. Not taking away from him, but this is not a 100% Lebron James funded school regardless of what news stories say. It is free tuition and food because it is a public school, but is organized privately. Also Jalen Rose and David Robinson are two other NBA players that have done similar things to this. I got a feeling he'll run for president one day and they're hyping him up even more than he already is.

    • Sami .Daher
      Sami .Daher  4 months ago

      he still is paying for students college tuition so he is funding a good share, just wanted to clarify where most news stories hold back

  • Bpjvideo
    Bpjvideo  4 months ago

    I love Sam! Please bring him back for some more!