Kevin Hart Trolling NBA Players

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018
  • Kevin Hart loves to mess with NBA players.

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  • sebastian ramirez
    sebastian ramirez  3 hours ago

    Kevin Hart. Literally the worst comedian ever. Like how did he get famous

  • kbim3535
    kbim3535  3 hours ago

    Kevin:you got games on yo phooone?

  • Brandon 1
    Brandon 1  13 hours ago

    Kevin looks like hardens child playing in the back lmfao

  • Quentin Orlando
    Quentin Orlando  17 hours ago

    Just someone can kill Drake?
    Pleeaaaase this guy's don't deserve to continue his "career".
    Copy and be a dumbass is not a career.

  • Ryan Bennett
    Ryan Bennett  yesterday

    1:00 double dribble?

  • 9some
    9some  yesterday


    QUEENDOM  yesterday +2

    Title should be Kevin hart begs to be the center of attention

  • Steve Matthews
    Steve Matthews  yesterday

    Did Drake just drink Kevin's drink? Lmao. Very sanitary too. My boy took the lid off then drank it

    • Steve Matthews
      Steve Matthews  yesterday

      He wanna fuck porn stars raw dog but wont drink from Kevin harts straw. Wtf?

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson  yesterday

    I thought Kevin was taller


    4:01 "what got into you tonight? Kevin Hart" LMFAOO

  • Matthew O'Chuida

    Kevin Hart vs. Isaiah Thomas 1v1

  • Shane Amrein
    Shane Amrein  yesterday

    Kevin hart most unfunny guy around

  • vlad majorally
    vlad majorally  yesterday

    So fucking short

  • Akida Taylor
    Akida Taylor  yesterday

    Kevin talk a lot of shit sort of like my ex wife in divorce court

  • C'Airra-Noel
    C'Airra-Noel  2 days ago

    8:32 Kevin was trying not to let his feet swing😂😂😂

  • Skipper 1990
    Skipper 1990  2 days ago

    people actually think this guy is funny! what a bunch of losers

  • NtGuard07
    NtGuard07  2 days ago

    The comedian is a heckler on the side lmao

  • Graham Murdoch
    Graham Murdoch  2 days ago

    I bet you games was pissed

    SHOW ME  2 days ago

    Does anybody else think kevin Hart looks like a bobble head doll compared to a nba player, 🤣

  • Gabe The Gamer
    Gabe The Gamer  2 days ago

    4:40 i swear i thought kevin was a child