Here's How I Made My Dirty $11,000 Bentley Look BRAND NEW!!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 14, 2019
  • Thanks to the guys at The Rag Company!► to their channel!►! ► Every Day Channel► Us On Patreon ► Shirts and Merch! ► I get my cheap (and filthy) Bentley washed, polished, and sealed, and it looks better than I could have ever imagined. Questions? Comments? Business inquiries? Email me at Equipment: Teng Tools 715 Piece Mega Master Tool Kit - TCMM715N► on Social: Instagram ► ► ► used in this video:NIVIRO - You [NCS Release]► by Joakim Karud ► by Moondragon ► - Happy Life► Bash - Ghosts [NCS Release]►


  • The Rag Company
    The Rag Company  7 months ago +1613

    Hey that’s us!! 😄🤩👊🏻

  • hydorah
    hydorah  7 months ago +477

    I can't believe your paint was so good underneath all that crap. Bentley certainly paint them well. And those Rag Company blokes are magicians!

  • Oblivious
    Oblivious  7 months ago +258

    Well that looks 10 times better.

  • FamilyFirstJ
    FamilyFirstJ  7 months ago +24

    Wait... you detailed it before the engine swap... confused

  • D W
    D W  7 months ago +61

    Did u just do a whole episode on a car wash?

  • Its me Chrispy
    Its me Chrispy  7 months ago +28

    In today's episode, I now have the cleanest non-running Bentley in the country!

  • Ben Vaux
    Ben Vaux  7 months ago +71

    great looking car now, great project!

  • Ben Baczwaski
    Ben Baczwaski  6 months ago +25

    Tavarish - love your channel but please, please give the people what they want...conclusion and drive of the Lamborghini!

  • jamir chrismon
    jamir chrismon  7 months ago +44

    Dude you have my favorite channel on YouTube keep up the work you’ve inspired me to wrench everyday

  • Preeyen Mistry
    Preeyen Mistry  7 months ago +203

    Erm why would you detail before doing a full engine swap XD

  • Michael Paul
    Michael Paul  2 months ago +5

    Whenever someone says "deeper scratches" I'm always waiting to hear "At a level 6" to follow. Thanks Jerry rig

  • badbav
    badbav  4 months ago +4

    I don’t understand the logic in washing before you complete the work?

  • Mouse Mota
    Mouse Mota  7 months ago +11

    Wow............150 different types of towels ..the OCD is strong there with cleaning stuff !!!!!!!!!

  • Chiefpep
    Chiefpep  7 months ago +50

    OMG... He like made a study out of polishing cars...😮

  • MrGoodboigonebad
    MrGoodboigonebad  7 months ago +363

    Anthony was freaking hilarious. He definitely needs to be back on the channel!!

  • Laszlo Bazso
    Laszlo Bazso  7 months ago +6

    Exactly what I wanted to watch, after 8hrs of car detailing today. Just right before my bedtime. Not kidding and I love this. Thanks, Tavarish. :)

  • goldcd5
    goldcd5  7 months ago +11

    Wears Obsessed Garage shirt while having the Rag company working on the car. You are HILARIOUS!

  • Jay Veloce
    Jay Veloce  7 months ago +3

    Loved this!! Absolutely want to see more content from Anthony he's hilarious 😁😁😁

  • Ahmed knows
    Ahmed knows  6 months ago +2

    Anthony needs to have his own channel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he's Soo funnnnyy

  • Sbu Buthelezi
    Sbu Buthelezi  7 months ago +6

    These things have no bad lines. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Much love from RSA.