Binging with Babish: Bubble Bass' Order from Spongebob Squarepants

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  • Bubble Bass is notorious in Bikini Bottom for three things: his hideous laugh, his pathological dishonesty, and his sophisticated palate for Krabby Patties. Follow along this week as we examine his soundboard of secret-menu jargon and take a crack at the almost-impossible-to-recreate patty melt - from the all-new BwB kitchen!

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  • Brendal
    Brendal  20 minutes ago

    "... and a small diet coke"

  • Dalton Rearick
    Dalton Rearick  yesterday

    Another channel wasting food

  • Cocteau Hitherto

    Damn O.O

  • Reo J. Saints
    Reo J. Saints  yesterday

    I feel bad for Bubble base's Cholesterol.

  • sarancynacle
    sarancynacle  yesterday

    You didn’t let it swim

  • Fick Boi69
    Fick Boi69  yesterday

    Aye ayye

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin  yesterday

    I don’t speak fast food sir

  • Duktor Ekgman
    Duktor Ekgman  2 days ago

    Since when is US healthcare free?

  • samborlon
    samborlon  2 days ago

    Babish, it's pronounced " MEE ZON PLASS"

  • AZ5N_Keef
    AZ5N_Keef  2 days ago

    You need to make your own restaurant where you make foods from cartoons and movies just like what your doing now it would be awesome

  • PorkyPiggieBoy
    PorkyPiggieBoy  3 days ago

    Right after Bubble Bass finishes his order, he says “And yes, it’s pronounced ‘How-oo-duh,’ not ‘Goo-duh.’” His pronunciation would be correct if he had left out the second syllable and just said “How-duh.”

  • Istaka
    Istaka  3 days ago

    Imagine SpongeBob make thing this only in 5 second

  • one angered boi
    one angered boi  3 days ago

    I thought it said bubble ass burger

  • TJ
    TJ  4 days ago

    Ummm delicious! I want!

  • Jack Ermis
    Jack Ermis  4 days ago

    Do a monster burger from spongebob

  • Joel W
    Joel W  5 days ago

    I can only like this once

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming  6 days ago

    My god that thing is huge

  • Alpin Art
    Alpin Art  6 days ago

    aged what kind of cheese?

  • Nicholas Lucia
    Nicholas Lucia  6 days ago

    Damn, I wish I could make food

  • Defour
    Defour  7 days ago +1

    try using a bbq skewer for stacking next time.