Steven Seagal Is Going to Save US-Russia Relations

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • James Corden looks at recent headlines, including President Trump kinda somewhat confident backing of his wonderful son, Don Jr. and Trump insulting the intelligence of LeBron James and Russia tabbing Steven Seagal as a special ambassador.

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  • Philippe Caroff
    Philippe Caroff  10 months ago

    You're not funny James you're already telling the people around the world that the democrats are going to win the 2020 elections, I think you're the real wanker James 😂

  • rnsr4trump Rnsr4u
    rnsr4trump Rnsr4u  a years ago +1

    Oh, you were a fat joke, too bad, I was looking for Steven Seagal who is doing more then most to fix US Russia relations!

  • Bartholomew
    Bartholomew  a years ago

    Russian ambassador fat-fucker Sea gull, marked for death Screwface rastafarian hater.

  • phiphi _tours
    phiphi _tours  a years ago

    Awesome tube vid

  • John Standford
    John Standford  a years ago

    Negros are not very smart ! This is a fact and genetic legacy

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez  a years ago

    Steven Seagal Is Going to Save US-Russia Relations. So a man with sprayed painted on hair is gonna do all that ?

  • Black Rod
    Black Rod  a years ago

    lmao no one else picked up the groan just after 2:46? Reggie was really frustrated.

  • Copperhead
    Copperhead  a years ago

    he is piece of shit

  • Александр Солодников

    The Late Late Show with Fat Dicksucker

  • Oppressors Beware
    Oppressors Beware  a years ago

    Perfect timing with the sexual assault charges. Now he can claim it's US prejudice against Russia with his new status.

  • Paul McKnight
    Paul McKnight  a years ago

    I hear Russia has videos of him constantly sucking his own dick.....or as we know it - his career

  • Gary Diggins
    Gary Diggins  a years ago +1

    Seagal is getting wierder in his old age. Strange look he's going for.

  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro  a years ago

    I don’t think seagal could save himself from diabetes

  • OneCourageous
    OneCourageous  a years ago

    is the joke the person standing up there?

  • Michael Kahr
    Michael Kahr  a years ago

    Steven Segal. I'm not American, I am simple in nature. So I loved my American action movie. I first encountered Steven Segal when watching the "Under Siege " series and thought 'Wow, that's great." Then I tried to get hold of other Steven Segal movies and guess what: they were shit. I do not mean just shit. I mean they were totally, absolutely SHIT. Shit. This man is shit incarnate. Totally dumb. Dumber than my bed post. Did Democrats do "Under Siege " and everything else did Republicans ? Since idiot Trump I ceased to watch American action movies and am just wondering why I loved them to begin with. Anything American is dumb, shit, a waste of time, moronic like idiot Trump.

  • Cliff Roberson
    Cliff Roberson  a years ago +2

    Steven is a C- actor with no career.

  • Grace Antonio
    Grace Antonio  a years ago

    James its alright to make fun for fun sake but right now, US & Britain pulling another one of their two faced dealing -- provoking Russia with sanction based on trumped up accusation re: chemical weapon thats got no proof to back it up in order to impede Russia's economic progress & manipulate allies to follow their agenda. The vague argument to support reason behind their move & timing is up for question & they give no sufficient answer. SickSadWorld. Obviously, they're hoping Russia takes the bait of provocation so they have excuse who to blame for WW3! Humanity needs a lot of prayers right now. Its political ploy & dominance with no regard for human life.

  • Fix News
    Fix News  a years ago

    Trump threw his own son under the locker room!

  • Fix News
    Fix News  a years ago

    0:08 "Rusher?"

  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100  a years ago

    So how come all these talk show hosts r going political ? All u talk show hosts r puppets for your producers !! James im ashamed in u ! From a brit to another brit. Your a clown