BTS 2016 ABSURD MOMENTS PT.1 - Try Not To Laugh Challenge!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 2, 2016
  • Hello ARMY~ I put together cuts of our BTS recent video from 2016 and December 2015 that I think really hillarious :).
    Hope you'll enjoy it and continue loving our boys and dont forget to comment if you fail or pass the challenge. Goodluck! ♥

    Credit : BIGHIT Entertainment, Hellosarang, Bangtan subs, Bangtan TV, Vlive app, Kshowonline, MBC, MBigTV, Sumon Tienkarojanakul (SNSD - Gee 8-bit Version).

    ***I do NOT own any of these clips and any of these songs except the editing***
    *credit to the rightful owner*
    * No copyright infringement intended *
    * BTS Funny Moments - BTS Cute Moments – Who is BTS? *
    *Please DO NOT UPLOAD my edits videos as if they are your own. I will find you and I will do what NAMJOON as THE GOD of DESTRUCTION would do to you.*

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    BTS - Beyond The Scene or Born To Slay


  • Cherly Angel fitriana
    Cherly Angel fitriana  14 days ago +1

    4:24 bts what are you doing?

    GOTSVN  21 days ago

    I was expecting the opening line....

  • Ruchi Yadav
    Ruchi Yadav  a months ago

    Why are they so cute!!! 😭
    Love for all of them just keeps on growing 💜💜🥰


    7:52 J-hope 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Theresa Stiles
    Theresa Stiles  a months ago

    O:35 I know y'all saw jimin hand

  • Cozy Yoongi
    Cozy Yoongi  a months ago

    6:47 girls generation 👌👌

  • Collet Emilia
    Collet Emilia  a months ago

    0:24 jin those thighs😍

  • Leyla Rezki
    Leyla Rezki  2 months ago

    Thank you very much i didn't spend a nice day today but i feel way more better thanks to them and your video!

  • Anjali Sharma
    Anjali Sharma  2 months ago

    Very cute video and bts very funny moments but he always cute and bts smile I'm smiling thank you so much bts by me always smiling and thanks for this cute video love you bts 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Lava Murad Year 8
    Lava Murad Year 8  2 months ago +1

    At 0:29 if you look really closely at those few seconds between 26-30 you will see where Jimin puts his left foot near Jungkook’s area..😂😮😏

  • Antonia Soneide
    Antonia Soneide  2 months ago

    Ai ai... Amooo demaaaaais!! 🤣😂🤤💜🤗💖😍💞🤩

  • Hina Ali
    Hina Ali  2 months ago

    Can you tell me the name of the show on 7:53?

  • Jennifer Gruber
    Jennifer Gruber  2 months ago +1

    6:48 Jimin to the guys. I'm going to nail this roll in the sand, lays there like a slug at the end. 6:51 Jung-kook nah I got this. Lands like spider man

  • raku anty
    raku anty  2 months ago

    2019 where u at?

  • Camille Sibug
    Camille Sibug  3 months ago +1

    jiminiieee !!! what are you doing my soft mochi 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Hanisha Krishna Gopal

    omg best edit 😂💜

  • Emmy Fannie
    Emmy Fannie  3 months ago

    5:41 Awwwwwwww💖💖❤️💖💖❤️💖❤️😅😢💖🤯❤️♥️

  • L-Mia BTS,ARMY
    L-Mia BTS,ARMY  3 months ago +1

    9:39 that's literally what I live for

  • Joonivers Studio
    Joonivers Studio  3 months ago

    8:18 where is that clip from?

  • jeon seagull
    jeon seagull  4 months ago

    0:34 jimin "accidentally" touch other "maknae" hahahaha opsss