What Are your Weaknesses? EASY ANSWER

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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    You will learn how to talk about your weakness in a job interview without making yourself look weak. "What Are Your Weaknesses is a a very common interview question for interviewers. They love to ask, what are your weaknesses, but what they really want to know is what you have done to fix your weakness. Weaknesses are not personality traits, but those are some of the best examples to use when answering the weakness question.
    In this video, I'll walk you through a a few simple steps what will show you how to answer the weakness question in a way that works best for you.

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  • Hauri Zafirah
    Hauri Zafirah  a months ago +1

    Hey Don! I watched this video about a month ago to prepare a scholarship panel interview from reputable multinational company in Asia. The interview went well and I successfully tackled the “what is your weakness?” question.

    And I would like you to know that I got the scholarship :))

  • avgonyma1
    avgonyma1  a months ago

    What to do if you have a tendency to perfection? How to pack this sensibly so that your explanation sound reasonable?
    Does it even make sense to mention perfectionism or better not mention it?

  • footballfan8989
    footballfan8989  a months ago

    I think the best answer to what is your biggest weakness is I can't lift as much weight as I could when I was younger. Then ask them what their biggest weakness is.

  • tk silver
    tk silver  a months ago

    So what if you still don't know much about yourself yet or only found one weakness "so far" in your work area (and excluding a past weakness)? For example; "my current weaknesses is trying to explain some thing when something wrong occurs, when explaining myself or communicate that something is broken." English is my second language so i struggle when i try to explain something. but i also speak it fluent enough were some people expect me to explain anything easily

  • Jasmine N apple
    Jasmine N apple  a months ago

    I'm applying for a job which i have no experience,can i use my luck of experience as weakness?

  • Big Lovely Sing
    Big Lovely Sing  a months ago


  • Erika Gutierrez
    Erika Gutierrez  a months ago

    Thank you....you have helped me so much

  • omen squad games
    omen squad games  a months ago +1

    sir you are a genius.. thanks for spreading knowledge.

  • Legends powerlifting and bodybuilding

    This man does not offer honest advice for free
    This person was writing to me on my email
    And always give me information
    He tells me that this information is free
    I was very busy
    But when I had the chance to talk to him
    I sent him only one question and he didn't answer him
    This means that this man is a crook and his advice is not true

  • Legends powerlifting and bodybuilding

    You are still lying and offering false advice to people
    I really don't know how true this is

  • Supremozx1 Z
    Supremozx1 Z  2 months ago

    Another great video thank you for sharing...

  • Jason Cooper
    Jason Cooper  2 months ago

    Believe in the Cleve!

  • Sharon Tan
    Sharon Tan  2 months ago

    Hi in this video you said that we should not say something which sounds like a strength when asked this question. And I think it is right. But in your website I see one sample answer is "I pay close attention to details which does result in a higher quality of work and saves additional time down the road, though it does take more time up front and sometimes overtime." Is it similiar to an answer like “I am too much of a perfectionist”??? I feel really puzzled…

  • Sharon Tan
    Sharon Tan  2 months ago

    Hi Don I'm watching you since this morning. I am browsing your website and feedbacks from your customers. I think you seem reliable. (I'm not good at Engligh so it may sound embarassing.)Could you make more videos on cabin crew interviews?

  • h3arty
    h3arty  2 months ago +1

    Aww loving the new style! Don, you're just so wonderful! I love your passion for helping people in this way. You really are the BEST! I normally waffle on with my answers, but you make me realise that I can say the same thing with FAR less words. Trying to focus on being more structured in my answers now.

  • irregular mana
    irregular mana  2 months ago

    Good to see you making newer videos. I bought your guide 2 years ago and I still reference it all the time

  • foo8lover
    foo8lover  2 months ago +7

    Love the nature background! you should do it more often Don, so relaxing. Very different from all the coaching oriented channels!

  • Susee Navarro
    Susee Navarro  2 months ago +4

    Hi Don! Last year the company I worked for relocated out of the country. I began job hunting and after watching your videos, I got many job offers and got hired at the company of my first choice. Thanks Don!!

  • djmoosecom
    djmoosecom  2 months ago

    CVNP for the win!! Thanks for the video and go Browns!

  • abby jassim
    abby jassim  2 months ago +1

    Hi Don I am Abby from Canada Toronto for many years I am watching you since I was in college, I always use all your interviews in all my previous jobs and present jobs no one like you you are the best...