China Responds To Trump's Barbaric" Tariffs Vows To Fight Until The End" & Have The Last Laugh

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
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  • Katara Marie
    Katara Marie  21 days ago +1

    I can’t subscribe twice 🤣 or I would but I can give you a bunch of these 👇🏼

    P.S I pray 🙏🏼 you feel better Louis tell Jessica I said hello 👋God Bless !

  • Sheryl Draper
    Sheryl Draper  21 days ago

    Luis I hope you feel better in Jesus’s name and God Bless you and to your family

  • Timothy Stack
    Timothy Stack  21 days ago

    Let's look at trump tower in NY. # 666 and all the Gold he has in his place where he stays. Then look at his son in law. He promoting the peace plan and they have where they trying to sell the tech knowledge of chips for hands and eyes for quick sales. Meaning Mark of the Beast. This is fact !

  • Timothy Stack
    Timothy Stack  21 days ago

    Look at Walmart selling out! They know things will change. Will this mean the mark of the Beast? Think on who and what's happening to world trade? Look who is making world leaders do what who wants!

  • Timothy Stack
    Timothy Stack  21 days ago

    America can take care of it self! God has His hand on America. Because we are under God! Now, that doesn't mean we want have to go through new pains to survive. Trump will help bring in the peace plan and (may) bring in the anti Christ? We will see what's coming!

  • Lawerance L bourland

    I say fuck China. Why is the deep state still not in prison?

  • Curt's Clocks
    Curt's Clocks  21 days ago

    Well there wasn't a very good crop of soy this year with all the flooding

  • Curt's Clocks
    Curt's Clocks  21 days ago

    If you remember the first time Xi met with Trump at the White House, Trump gave the go ahead to missile attack the Syrian airport. This was more of a message to Xi than to Russia or Syria.

  • Cynthia Adams
    Cynthia Adams  21 days ago

    These nations are heading for the NWO Isreal is about to sign a peace treaty! Keep your eyes on Isreal they cough America gets the flu!!

  • Christine Seidman
    Christine Seidman  21 days ago

    Thank You Louis in my prayers always🙏🌹

  • Jane B
    Jane B  21 days ago

    Come on congress

  • Becky Ayers
    Becky Ayers  21 days ago

    I hope you feel better soon! ❤️

  • King Jesus Is Coming!!! Repent!!

    people you must be awake and realise this trade war is all a set up and has been years in the planning and making.All part of the NWO agenda to bring about wars and economic collapse.TRUMP the great deceiver is playing a NWO elite role, sadly many are BLIND to this TRUTH. The RAPTURE is imminent, any moment now.

  • Aunt Santa
    Aunt Santa  28 days ago

    Dont know if its good ..

  • John lee Rochelle
    John lee Rochelle  28 days ago

    Can't wait to see this country burn u.s sucks

  • Eliza Raffles
    Eliza Raffles  28 days ago +2

    It is a disgrace. I have to work with these creatures daily. Try to tell them about what's happening but they all just want to be politically correct or give me looks. Cannot stand it. They are absolutely INSANE.

  • Put Jesus First!!!

    Just end trade with China all.together they sell cheap stuff

  • Put Jesus First!!!

    China is hurting itself No one else. Most company's in China was from USA. Them company not going to pay that then they will fail.

    Also if we have to pay them why not them pay us? Nope everyone wants to take advantage of us all the time

    Bye bye China

  • Mirash Sinishtaj
    Mirash Sinishtaj  28 days ago +1

    50 % is not enough we need to tax China 100% on everything we get here from China 100% period

  • Live Happy
    Live Happy  28 days ago +2

    And this is how a war begins...MAY GOD HELP US ALL