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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 17, 2019
  • RAINING IN OSAKALo-fi/Vaporwave beats mixSleep & Rain mixListen to another Rain mix here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Wo0...Tracklist:0:00 TRA$H - Journeyhttps://soundcloud.com/prod-trash2:24 BIDØ - last sunshine.https://soundcloud.com/bidolofi/last-...3:45 broey. - Paradisehttps://soundcloud.com/broeybeats/par...6:04 heytheremylove. - bloom.https://soundcloud.com/htmlove/bloom7:37 tzelun - see u soonhttps://soundcloud.com/tzelun/see-u-soon 9:05 Jay-Lounge - Sleeping Cityhttps://soundcloud.com/jay-lounge/sle... 11:59 WYS - lonehttps://soundcloud.com/wyslofi/lone 15:33 Jay-Lounge - Puddles /w Jordy Chandrahttps://soundcloud.com/jay-lounge/pud...Artwork by Nikolai Lockertsenhttps://www.artstation.com/nikolailoc...💜 bootleg 💜soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/dabootlegboytwitter - https://twitter.com/thebootlegboyinstagram - https://instagram.com/thebootlegboyspotify - https://bootlegboy.lnk.to/spotify*NEW MERCH* - http://www.thebootlegboy.com/💕Subscribe for more vibes like this 💕


  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy  6 months ago +1771

    finally a new RAINING IN mix, hope you guys like this one. Where should the next city be? 💜

  • Wild Tusk
    Wild Tusk  4 months ago +1380

    The rare places on the internet like this where no one complains everyones just chillings listing to the rain

  • Tavia Jenner
    Tavia Jenner  2 months ago +426

    hey you,
    take a moment to relax.
    close your eyes, take a deep breath in, noticing the way your chest inflates like a balloon
    you are here, you are alive, you are loved
    now breathe out, letting go of all the tension go.
    tension from your mind, body, and soul release.
    feels good right?
    you are here, you are alive, you are loved

  • Lucas Maniccia
    Lucas Maniccia  4 months ago +1583

    Who else felt sad but somehow happy when listing to this?
    Wow 323 likes thx for the support guys!

  • Christian Tellez
    Christian Tellez  3 months ago +167

    there should be a lofi club or cafe for people to just meet others and chill

  • Suffering For Soup
    Suffering For Soup  5 months ago +936

    My aesthetic is listening to this at 1 am, cleaning my bedroom

  • Rndmdud
    Rndmdud  4 months ago +150

    Am I the only one who gets a weird feeling in my stomach but I can’t tell if it’s sad or happy when hearing lofi music and looking at these wallpapers

    CHEUNG YUI TUNG KATIE 2F08  4 months ago +912

    The comments are just so sweet I like this quiet corner just for us
    Well,just chill bro

  • Barbaros Ür
    Barbaros Ür  5 months ago +643

    Hello to everyone who is sad or hurting.
    If life feels terrible at the moment, let me say this:
    You may not realize it but when you wake up tomorrow
    you'll already have taken one step forward.
    It may take a lot of these almost invisible steps but they'll
    lead you to a happier time eventually. Because nothing stays
    the same in life, bad times not only come but they also go.
    That's the only thing that never changes.

  • Koby Bennett
    Koby Bennett  5 months ago +303

    This comment section is odd because I love you guys so much. I relate to all of you so well and it’s nice to know that even if I don’t know you and even if you don’t know me, that we’re here for each other. I love you so much. Hang in there stranger.

  • Lara Horhor
    Lara Horhor  2 months ago +120

    I went to osaka, waited for it to rain, and sat on the rail of an empty street like this just so i can play the first song of this mix

  • Nick
    Nick  5 months ago +49

    we need a group chat for all the people who comment here, most chill place around.
    feeling empty and reading these comments plus the music with the art is just so perfect.
    makes you zone out. feel good for the moment

  • czarina riego
    czarina riego  4 months ago +82

    I close my eyes and this music brings me to a different place.

  • Shy Games
    Shy Games  4 months ago +893

    This is how many people are listening to this right now

  • Lucas Maniccia
    Lucas Maniccia  5 months ago +95

    The opposite rain from Minecraft
    Y’all remember those days?

  • anna .
    anna .  2 months ago +37

    wow, this comment section is gold. sending love to everybody. :)

  • noob
    noob  4 months ago +21

    Who ever reads this remember you are a beautiful human being and you shine brighter than a star in the night sky and you are worth more then all the gold and money in the world.💛💛

  • A Doggo Called Belle
    A Doggo Called Belle  5 months ago +54

    Every time you walked over to talk to me...
    I took it for granted.
    Remember when we were friends?
    What happened?
    Did I do something?
    I must have done something...
    Am I too clingy?
    Am I unfunny?
    Am I weird?
    And stupid?
    And creepy?
    I can see why.
    I understand.
    Now when you walk by, I mentally freak out and hope and pray you'll talk to me.
    You don't anymore.
    You're still right there...
    Right in front of me...
    But you're gone.
    At least you're happy..

  • Angelina Dehlinger
    Angelina Dehlinger  4 months ago +24

    Are you going through something tough?: Just remember that you will get through it. People love and support you and just remember to be happy. You are tough and strong. Be open about your problems and get help if you need it. You are amazing.
    Just here to relax?: Have a great day morning night whenever.
    Here for background music?: You have great taste in music. Keep it up!
    Here during work?: Keep going. You're doing great.
    Here to sleep?: Goodnight and sweet dreams!
    No matter why you're here just remember to work hard. Keep pushing. You are loved and you work for a purpose. If you don't feel loved don't worry because I'm an optimist and I think everyone is great and have some good in them so, ily alllllll. Bye!

  • RY4N D1N9 D0N9
    RY4N D1N9 D0N9  4 months ago +60

    that pain you feel... when u know u were meant nothing
    you were just another fish that got caught