Tear in My Heart/Drum Line Josh - Twenty One Pilots Emotional Roadshow Cincinnati 5/31/16

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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  • Giant Nerp
    Giant Nerp  1 months ago

    God what a talented man. I'm currently in drumline and I was moved from bass to snare for a solo. Too short (5ft tall) for both things and having trouble picking it up and keeping my arms high enough for it (;v;;; Josh is what inspired me to pick up drums and join drumline in hopes I can be a drummer in a band one day. Hats off to Josh. What a talented dude

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can  1 months ago

    I was minding my business and YouTube recommended was like hey wanna not do your homework?
    Great. Here ya go

  • Chrys Alvarez
    Chrys Alvarez  2 months ago

    I still remember the feeling of seeing this when they performed at Chicago (,: I’ve been a longtime fan but I gotta say, the blurryface era was truly iconic. ♥️

  • ConnorS
    ConnorS  3 months ago

    does anybody have a transcription for the drumline part

  • Titi Umoh
    Titi Umoh  5 months ago

    Tyler wants you to scream

  • Chrys Alvarez
    Chrys Alvarez  6 months ago

    Dude, 3 years later & I still love this so damn much. I wish they would bring this & a few other things from ERS back :(

  • kat foley
    kat foley  7 months ago

    I got to see the drumline in person it was so cool

  • Faith Shoe
    Faith Shoe  7 months ago

    3:32 screeeeeeeeeam

  • Toki Doki
    Toki Doki  8 months ago

    The drumline gives me EVERY TIME FRIKKIN GOOSEBUMPS

  • Shoog198
    Shoog198  9 months ago

    Still waiting for that remix

  • Alex Kister
    Alex Kister  9 months ago

    Welp, time to get the rest of the drumline to learn this with me

  • Adam Neighbours
    Adam Neighbours  9 months ago

    Trench Era gang?

  • LimitLESs Steph
    LimitLESs Steph  10 months ago +1

    the songs on the radio are ok

  • Oya oyaaa
    Oya oyaaa  10 months ago

    It's like a band exhibition 😍

  • Alexandra Petuhova
    Alexandra Petuhova  11 months ago

    just found my comment from 2 years ago here and now cringing ugh
    still came back here few days after a new show and the drum line is still one of my favorite things

  • neemo98
    neemo98  a years ago

    pure joy in this video

  • Aimee Crawford
    Aimee Crawford  a years ago +1


  • Liv M
    Liv M  a years ago +1

    omg josh is soo freaking amazing

  • aliaa abdo
    aliaa abdo  a years ago

    Josh is my daddy 😍😍😍💜