Jamie Foxx Funny Moments On The Graham Norton Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018


  • sane0matic
    sane0matic  an hour ago

    "Why are there pu..oh..OH OHHHH...OMG DID YOU SING THIS LYRICS? "

    "He wrote them!"
    Her expression and his face.

    I cried laughing

  • chantall meyer
    chantall meyer  9 hours ago

    ya'll check out Emma's face

  • chantall meyer
    chantall meyer  9 hours ago

    listen i'm 30 i be crushing on these older male celebs ain't nothing wrong wit 50, Jason statham is 52 id be there allllll day

  • Miss Juanita
    Miss Juanita  yesterday +1

    2.02 I love how Dame H, when she shifts position, she was about to lean away - she moved IN towards Jamie, so that when she DID move & sit comfortably (literally AND her body language was pointing away) she was still just as close as she was originally. Whether this was conscious or not - it's just lovely. All class.

    Edit - In spite of the terrible grammar, I hope that made sense!

  • LIly Th
    LIly Th  yesterday

    Down to earth celebrity

  • LIly Th
    LIly Th  yesterday

    Love J Foxx

    MR. CLASSIC  2 days ago

    What if they heard about DANCEHALL music lyrics now,lol

  • Quel farce Voilà pourquoi!

    Too much pubs! So thumbs down!

  • Uppity Unicorn
    Uppity Unicorn  3 days ago +5

    Ed sheeran meets “the black standard “
    If you can’t impress black people chances are you don’t have the makings of a world class artist, just saying my kudos Ed

  • Lesley Awino
    Lesley Awino  4 days ago

    Aww....Emma's mortified! 😂😂

  • Ilic Srboljub
    Ilic Srboljub  4 days ago

    black equals beautifull,right? fucking ugly blankies...lol...I`m white,by the way...and stoned,sorry...lol

  • Mars
    Mars  5 days ago +3

    That gaze Emma gave Jamie after hearing those lyrics says a lot

  • Ashok Lekhra
    Ashok Lekhra  5 days ago +3

    8:23 Jamie foxx created migos adlib 😂😂

    BHISHMA PITAMAh  6 days ago +2

    "Cloudy sky right between ur thighs"

  • Miguel Gomes
    Miguel Gomes  6 days ago

    8:22 H U H

  • waitin4winter
    waitin4winter  7 days ago +45

    "Did you sing these lyrics??"

  • MicEBeats
    MicEBeats  7 days ago

    he might be the coolest man ever

  • Ajira Darch
    Ajira Darch  7 days ago +4

    What’s the bad movie he did after blowing off Kanye?

  • William González
    William González  7 days ago +4


  • Blaze
    Blaze  7 days ago

    Just let it shine throoooough-uh, just let your soooooooooouuuullllll gloooo