twenty one pilots: Goner

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 11, 2012
  • We did this last night. It's a new song we are working on called "Goner".Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Video and edit by Reel Bear MediaStore: Site: #TOP #Goner #FueledByRamen


  • Memed Out
    Memed Out  2 years ago +2993

    Wait....goner is the last song on blurryface and heavydirtysoul is the first song on blurryface. At the end of this,you can hear the beginning of heavydirtysoul. Does that mean blurryface is a endless circle?

  • Twenty Øne Pugs at the Disco

    There’s that Tyler kid singing and yelling at himself in the road again, honey

  • TransparentEyelids
    TransparentEyelids  a years ago +2090

    To think that blurryface existed in 2007 is crazy. Tyler was only 17 when he wrote songs like goner or trees. In this he's 24, which now he's 30. And the heavydirtysoul sound plays at the end, which means they've most likely been planning the blurryface album music and story since 2012 or even earlier, which remind you, vessel still hasn't come out back then, and RAB and josh were only a year old. That means from the time im writing this, the day the nico and the niners music video came out, they probably have the whole Clancy and dema thing planned out and are working on the next album.

  • My name Is Olivia
    My name Is Olivia  9 months ago +1336

    This was filmed in the street Clancy Way google it
    (Clancy Way, Columbus, OH)
    I dare ya

  • thousand foot deep end
    thousand foot deep end  a years ago +602

    Petition for Tyler to incorporate the accordion in the Banditos tour set.

  • Krystian M.
    Krystian M.  2 months ago +122

    Am I the only one that prefers this version of goner?

  • Thanks Pete
    Thanks Pete  a years ago +1889

    Tyler’s voices screaming at each other...

  • meotmoondust
    meotmoondust  a years ago +351

    Message for me in The future. You're still alive and everything will be alright. Don't cry and finally go to sleep

  • Mary Moriarty
    Mary Moriarty  6 months ago +68

    1:58 did anyone else hear the start of heavydirtysoul??

  • Twenty Paphonies
    Twenty Paphonies  2 years ago +12061

    I can just imagine his neighbors like
    "Damnit that stupid Joseph kid is playing accordion in the snow at six in the morning again"

  • Tatiana Olaya
    Tatiana Olaya  a years ago +1763


  • Jgally_18
    Jgally_18  a years ago +107

    I'd love to know what he screams during those cuts

  • Lorne
    Lorne  11 months ago +148

    Personally, I can't watch this video. It either makes me scared or upset and it goes to show how powerful their music is and how they express it.

  • måkayla
    måkayla  a years ago +208

    All of my friends think think this song is new. I’m triggered

  • Twenty Paphonies
    Twenty Paphonies  2 years ago +2630


  • Eliott Pawsey
    Eliott Pawsey  10 months ago +161

    The sound in the end. It reminds me of the sounds on Trench. Specifically Neon Gravestones. And also the beginning of Heavydirtysoul. Goner was on Blurryface and we know that Trench is connected. (Through Heavydirtysoul.) I know I am probably late. And wrong. But I think that this proves that Tyler is a genius.

  • first name
    first name  a years ago +114

    is it just me or is that sound supposed to be the sound of a noose swinging

  • magnus opium
    magnus opium  1 months ago +29

    God this version
    The accordion makes it sound so much more like a final goodbye rather than a cry for help. The little noises and scenes were Tyler is shouting and screaming make for such a sad aesthetic and then to have the final scene be the skeleton mask and the sound of Blurryface screaming from heavydirtysoul flip it all on its head

  • twenty emo pilots
    twenty emo pilots  2 months ago +36

    People are thinking Blurryface was planned out since 2011 which isn't true,this is the no Phun Intended version of goner.Goner in Blurryface Is a remake of it

  • Destiny Lastly
    Destiny Lastly  2 months ago +28

    kinda looks like in one of the screams he screams
    "whats wrong with me?"
    im not sure, just what it looked like. i'm so sad for him. :(