What Goes into Feeding an NFL Team?

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Take a glimpse into the Washington Redskins kitchen and see what it takes to feed an NFL football team.

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  • Awesome Things
    Awesome Things  10 hours ago +1

    A well balanced kitchen! Awesome guys!

  • Mihad Alzayat
    Mihad Alzayat  11 hours ago

    And yet they can’t seem to win a game...

  • Pc_64_reynolds gaming

    Patriots over here got Gordon Ramsey as there chef

  • jezzsoccer3
    jezzsoccer3  16 hours ago

    All i learned from this video is Colt McCoy still plays football...for the Redskins.

  • scroeffie
    scroeffie  20 hours ago

    dont see any native football players

  • Brian Pino
    Brian Pino  21 hours ago

    Awful team awesome food

  • israel5236
    israel5236  yesterday

    Glad to see the players are good at one thing, eating.

  • MrStradia
    MrStradia  yesterday

    Even the best teams eat well.

  • Rodolfo Sotto
    Rodolfo Sotto  yesterday +1


  • Bill Z Jr
    Bill Z Jr  2 days ago

    And the Nationals across town or getting Domino's Pizza n McDonald's and s*** and they made it to the world series 😍🤷

  • Robert Meyers
    Robert Meyers  2 days ago +1

    Looking at that nutritionist, I’d say they need a new look on “help”.

  • M S
    M S  2 days ago

    This is the Washington Redskins. Now think what it'd take to feed a real NFL team.

  • Mahmudul Haque
    Mahmudul Haque  2 days ago

    why not invite underprivileged families to eat here throughout the season with the players instead of only during the forced publicity image thanksgiving day holiday weekend? The wealthy and privileged always get more and more

  • lexi xo
    lexi xo  2 days ago

    Imagine eating this good on the daily

  • Rasmus Björklund
    Rasmus Björklund  2 days ago +2

    Imagine making all thst food just for your team to go 1-15

  • Curtis
    Curtis  3 days ago

    Lost me at low calorie pizza.

  • Bahsaq Tibagh
    Bahsaq Tibagh  3 days ago

    And this is why they're 1-5 right now

  • Number Onetwou
    Number Onetwou  3 days ago

    They forgot they ass doe so it even matter

    Sea hawks for life 💕💕

  • Armand Rodriguez
    Armand Rodriguez  3 days ago

    As they say: garbage in, garbage out.

  • Brian Maier
    Brian Maier  3 days ago

    Very cool video. I learned something new.