This Guy Was Accidentally Buried Alive And This Is What Happened...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 13, 2019
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    This Guy Was Accidentally Buried Alive And This Is What Happened...

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  • Saadon Aksah
    Saadon Aksah  an hour ago

    wow! awesome!

  • halo master
    halo master  3 hours ago

    I thought this was bright side

  • Peter Mernagh
    Peter Mernagh  13 hours ago

    This happened to a guy called Jesus and now there is a whole religion as a result

  • Riah Lim
    Riah Lim  15 hours ago

    In my country, you are buried with dirt and then covered with cement >-<

    How u gonna get out?

  • Lalu Rafi
    Lalu Rafi  yesterday +1

    If you survive the grave you will become an undertaker

  • Peter Park
    Peter Park  yesterday

    Why dont they just cut off heads before burial to make sure they are 100% dead?

  • Ayanfeoluwa Obe
    Ayanfeoluwa Obe  yesterday

    This video is scary. It got me almost crying for those people and scared of being buried alive

  • Malama Suse
    Malama Suse  yesterday

    So maybe we shud all be buried with phones besides us, just in case we need it

  • Jaron Aho
    Jaron Aho  2 days ago

    This is why I want to be cremated...

  • MrSeksyy
    MrSeksyy  2 days ago

    Oh Lord, I feel done after this video.

  • Ric Matt
    Ric Matt  2 days ago

    Yes! Please leave my phone with me so I can call for help if I'm not dead. The thought of dieing scares me enough. The thought of waking up in the ground would scar me for life. Maybe I should reconsider my plans of being barred. Maybe I should be cremated. I would hate everyones who barred me and love anyone who unbarred me.

  • Clarence Gullina
    Clarence Gullina  2 days ago

    Im not sure but the 7days of mourning for the dead can be an advantage to make sure that the body is really dead.

    Also. There's a tradition here in our place where we cement the whole graveyard where the body is buried. No chances of survival. Well, if it was a mistake tho. Cause after 7days of funeral there's already an assurance or even after the body's declared death. The body will be immersed in formaline at the morgue even before the funeral.

    *might literally not accurate on the formaline part but i know you get it. 😁

  • domain mojo
    domain mojo  2 days ago

    I've taken careful notes of what to do in case I get buried alive.
    Thank you, good Sir!
    I shall take this to my grave!

  • Itumeleng Valencia

    This is really sad 💔

  • Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf  3 days ago

    Imagine you wake up in a grave... stay calm they said..

  • FallenFu Gamer
    FallenFu Gamer  3 days ago

    I got real fear bcoz in india after you die your body will burned into flames

  • Elena DeLuca
    Elena DeLuca  4 days ago

    The coffin that was used in Kill Bill wasn’t a real coffin. Bud put Beatrix in a thinner wooden box.

  • frank eyanae
    frank eyanae  4 days ago

    I will tell my kids to burry me with phone...this is terrible

  • Phantom D Viper
    Phantom D Viper  4 days ago

    Am scared

  • Crazy Mom
    Crazy Mom  5 days ago +1