PUBG - Official Season 4 Cinematic Trailer ( Reaction )

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
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  • Atif Moin
    Atif Moin  a months ago - React to this montage. Insanity 🙏😱😱

  • ghøstafire
    ghøstafire  4 months ago

    English subtitles at 0:22 :

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King  4 months ago

    Is he the playerunknown? Or not?

  • Death frost
    Death frost  4 months ago

    baho ka oten

  • James Paul
    James Paul  4 months ago

    Is was not a motel

  • Rambo iS_rEaL
    Rambo iS_rEaL  4 months ago

    You deserve way more subs

  • ZigZagStatic_87 *
    ZigZagStatic_87 *  4 months ago +1

    5tat, I don't think you could seem any less enthusiastic about making these horrible, yet comical, "reaction" videos. Your obviously just doing them for the views and not because you want to. It's written all over your cringeworthy and disingenuous face, lol. The beard cannot even hide it! Your "reactions" and thumbnails are just sad and it's all so fake it hurts me to watch, and that's too bad bc I think your a genuinely funny guy and great streamer but you gotta find your own voice man. In my worthless opinion, it's not a good look for you bro and if you continue pandering and doing such bottom of the barrel videos, who knows what you'll find yourself doing next (ASMR) for a quick buck, as u try to grasp on to the meaningless grip of popularity and reinvent yourself to gain subs that you don't even need in the first place. I think you have forgotten your roots and how to have fun being yourself and doing what you love and doing it for no one else but your damn self. You are much more creative than you are giving yourself credit for and I know you could think of some video ideas that are much more unique and would highlight your personality and your talents in a much more genuine and positive way. Just keep being yourself and keep your dignity man! I mean, you know/have a good audience already, so don't try to be anything other than who you've always been...I guess if u think you have to sellout and keep making these depressing mainstream "reaction" videos, just please stop overracting like a 16 year old girl with no I.Q. and start acting like the man with a fantastic beard and the simple charm, that we have all have come to know and love. To be honest with you man, your probably my favorite PUBG streamer and you always have a positive attitude and I think you like making people laugh and smile and those are my favorite things about you. Also, I just wanted to write a long message to u and I really don't mean half the stuff I just said but the 16 year old girl part was true. You gotta start acting like more of a man, lol. The thumbnails are also pretty terrible. Some of those reactions are so unnatural, lol. Anyways, I love you man and if u wanna keep making weird reaction videos, then follow your heart my son. Don't change for anyone and stay classy bro. Thank you for your time. :)

  • KlipsFilms Melbourne
    KlipsFilms Melbourne  4 months ago

    1965 cold war the aircraft flying in the cinematic are suppose to be Tupolev bomber I think

  • Detour Gaming
    Detour Gaming  4 months ago

    I like you 😍 nd your videos but not the thumbnails🤪 please make them look real

  • spookysog
    spookysog  4 months ago


  • bLaZed HoBBiT
    bLaZed HoBBiT  4 months ago

    Bad times at the el royole is the movie

  • Uncle Beardo
    Uncle Beardo  4 months ago

    Now we know why there's "basements" in some of the new remastered buildings. I like the idea of a "story mode" for Pubg, so long as it's not influenced at all by skill levels already achieved over the past two years of play.

  • Asif Rahman
    Asif Rahman  4 months ago

    Please God, make it work

  • Brian Hackett
    Brian Hackett  4 months ago +1

    Finally, some lore! <3

  • rowdy dowdy
    rowdy dowdy  4 months ago +1

    Wow! Just now making a plot to the game. Were has these developers been for the last 3 years.

  • Atira Tiki
    Atira Tiki  4 months ago +1

    i pretty sure you kno he based it off of the japan movie Battle Royale the girl in yellow suit was in kill bill...also that suit went to kill bill movie you talking bout was the belko experiment that was an office building an it was a battle royale type an at end it showed different office buildings on monitors lol

  • BaMMcheeckz AndCo
    BaMMcheeckz AndCo  4 months ago

    It took 2 mins for the clip to grab me lawl

  • MST PvtGarcia
    MST PvtGarcia  4 months ago +2

    That’s Vladimir Putin’s private island! Lol

  • Bishop76
    Bishop76  4 months ago

    Pull the strings!

  • Mongosis
    Mongosis  4 months ago

    SA servers or I will never play this again with 150 ping