Samsung Odyssey Z: A Cold-hearted Gaming Machine with No Mercy

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • Once upon a time, a knight encountered menacing fire creatures in his path. Will they be a match for his shield’s blue aura, charged by the mighty ice dragon? Begin the gaming odyssey with the new, all-powerful Odyssey Z.For more info, please visit our other pages:Facebook:


  • JoyCon Nation
    JoyCon Nation  a years ago +169

    Thought they were releasing a gaming console for a minute there

  • Lumeus R. Kenny
    Lumeus R. Kenny  a years ago +154

    C O M I N G SOON
    buy tickets now

  • Atem S.
    Atem S.  a years ago +162

    OH what!!! NICE' Samsung is back at Pc market!!! YEAH!!!

  • Dhika Wikibi
    Dhika Wikibi  a years ago +37

    I thought this is an air conditioner ads, but Samsung create a gaming laptop?! Nice

  • Ahmed Radwan
    Ahmed Radwan  a years ago +86

    SAMSUNG is the best

  • Everything Samsung everything samsung bro

    Samsung is the best company in the world I've never seen this type of creativeness,I love samsung forever.

  • TheBlueJayInDisguise BLUE

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the background

  • Sanjay Vishwakarma
    Sanjay Vishwakarma  a years ago +63

    Samsung world's no 1 company

  • Enrique Pérez
    Enrique Pérez  a years ago +53

    The future is now

  • Andieka Almasid
    Andieka Almasid  a years ago +4

    Game of thrones season final trailer?

  • Magnus Childers
    Magnus Childers  a years ago +13

    GTX 1060 + or your wasting your money

    ABDUL JOUHAR  a years ago +1

    Guess what...
    Highest Price tag on Market. And
    Worstest Performance in that price segment.

  • LeROY
    LeROY  a years ago +9

    Samsung Odyssey Z incomin

  • Afnan Khurram
    Afnan Khurram  a years ago +9

    I got an S9+ and im amazed at how this company makes EVERYTHING!

  • once onse
    once onse  a years ago +4

    Music, please?

  • Sakindu Weenath
    Sakindu Weenath  a years ago +1

    I like that. Better than anything. SAMSUNG is the best.😊🤗👌

  • Mr. Tip
    Mr. Tip  a years ago

    2016 - iphone Have No Headphone Jack
    2017 - No Home Button In iphone X
    2019 - No Display In iphone
    2020 - imaginary iphone ...

  • 우울한 영이
    우울한 영이  a years ago

    But odyssey (not Z)models have CPU temperature near to 100 degree. Not cold hearted, but cold sales volume.

  • Jayden Chan
    Jayden Chan  a years ago +1

    Lol one more thing for me to feel jealous! Thanks, I guess.

  • Matheus Lira
    Matheus Lira  a years ago

    I was hoping to find comments about how this trailer resembles Dark Souls