Bianca Andreescu Match Point and Celebration Winning the 2019 US Open Championship

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 7, 2019
  • Bianca Andreescu Match Point and Celebration Winning the 2019 US Open Championship over Serena Williams.


  • Kiril Petrov
    Kiril Petrov  3 days ago

    Bravo !!!

  • Frank Fab
    Frank Fab  14 days ago

    Bianca deserves all the credit in the world for winning. She pulled it together in the midst of tremendous pressure from a Serena comeback attempt and hostile USA crowd. She delivered when the stakes were highest to seal the victory. Can she win another Open? How many more can she win? I would not bet my money against her at this point. 5-10 more Open titles before she reaches 30 yrs old seems well within reach for her.

  • Jonathan Rice
    Jonathan Rice  a months ago

    Serena’s def. one of the premier athletes of my generation and my countryman. Still, as bittersweet as it is to watch my generation bow out of competition, it’s so very inspiring to see this wide eyed Canadian phenom grasp the torch of champion! Bravo, Bianca!

  • s Zarabi
    s Zarabi  a months ago

    did Serena blame the loss on the fact that she is a female and if she was a male she would have won??😂😂

  • David RP
    David RP  a months ago

    ⁰Can anybody reads what Bianca said to the crowd at the end of the final point?

  • Julian Cardarelli
    Julian Cardarelli  a months ago

    Serena was so classless at her press conference. Bianca beat her fair and square and Serena should just admit when she’s bettered. Bianca’s victory was convincing, especially in light of her performance against all the other top ten players. As the old saying goes never meet your heroes for they will disappoint you. Incredibly poor taste. Time to retire Serena.

  • ianmann64
    ianmann64  a months ago

    Duchess of Sussex bad joss for Williams.

  • j go
    j go  a months ago

    3.85 worth of sexy that's what. Mil I mean. Guess I should have said that.

  • Steve Hugel
    Steve Hugel  a months ago

    From 0:28 to 0:34 the face of a Champion!

  • MrNavegar
    MrNavegar  a months ago

    This is Carlos Ramos fault ... !!

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews  a months ago

    Calm, composed and matured Canadian Congrats Bianca

  • Theo
    Theo  a months ago

    Serena spent too much energy playing the feminist on the tennis court and the victim of the male empires , no much energy left for playing the real tennis . Time for her to go to pasture.

  • seth seth
    seth seth  a months ago

    Thought she was going to choke there for a bit.

  • Randy N
    Randy N  a months ago

    If you read her lips at 0:27, she says »I had no chance » meaning everyone on the outside doubted she could beat Serena. Well with a double fist pump, Canada’s got a true champion! Way to represent 🇨🇦

  • Clifford Hewitt
    Clifford Hewitt  a months ago

    Both sooo Gracious, Great!

  • Rick Martin
    Rick Martin  a months ago

    Bianca's win is great for Canada. Just wish she was from somewhere else but Tronto! Don't have much use for that city! Yes Toronto! Not everyone in Canada is a fan of your CITY! However, congrats Bianca.

  • The Goddess
    The Goddess  a months ago

    And just look at the grimace and worried face of that duchess of Sussex... wishing her bff to win on the final games ... only to come home empty handed ... Congrats Bianca and Canada 🇨🇦

  • tahiti treat
    tahiti treat  a months ago


  • namir sekemkha
    namir sekemkha  a months ago

    You notice ever since she married that white boy!!!! she has not win a grand slam final!!!!!! lesson here is always honor your father!!!!!!!!!

  • Roberto Coutinho
    Roberto Coutinho  a months ago

    Na verdade, nesse USOPEN19, Serena estreou com derrota, ou seja, só pegou galinha morta até ali....A 1a que conseguiu devolver o saque e a fez correr um pouco, ganhou. Simples assim.