What we got for Christmas!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 26, 2017
  • Blindfold unwrapping our gifts to each other haha!
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    TEDRO  28 days ago

    When I first saw Jenna's pineapple I thot that is like a head o smth but it was a Mattie 🏠😍😂

  • Poneysquad300 Squishy

    Omg I have the same ugh boots as Justines friend lol😂😂😂

  • Episodes of Ruby Skyler in Forest Hill

    Cat bed that makes no sense

  • Olivia Holst
    Olivia Holst  2 months ago

    I want a dog (a dog)

  • Olivia Holst
    Olivia Holst  2 months ago

    I love Jenna’s boots (I have the same with bows on the back)

  • Esme Manuele
    Esme Manuele  3 months ago

    Mattie is sooo Cute for a little Dog

  • iiBarbie_Tingzii
    iiBarbie_Tingzii  4 months ago

    Jenna: i dont go to school confused
    Justine: hmmh disgusted

  • Bianca Cassis
    Bianca Cassis  4 months ago

    Now maddie can live like spongebob

  • Lealion❤️
    Lealion❤️  4 months ago

    iJustine you need to get your wrapping skills better soon haha JK and great prank Jenna haha 😂

    STREET FIGHTS  5 months ago

    11:40 describing a penis

  • mha fan
    mha fan  5 months ago

    8:55 in the end of the story serious she talk as if she was the flash it keeps making laugh

  • Just Zozo
    Just Zozo  6 months ago

    Ok... How.. idk

  • Alicia Adams
    Alicia Adams  6 months ago

    ❤ love you Justine and jenna

  • Amanda Azevedo
    Amanda Azevedo  7 months ago

    I have the same stuffed white dog Justine gave Jenna

  • Alan Reilly
    Alan Reilly  7 months ago


  • g chen
    g chen  7 months ago

    We’ll SHOVE him in there! - Justine

  • Brittany Russell
    Brittany Russell  8 months ago

    Currently in an iJustine rabbithole after watching her iPhone XS unboxing to prepare myself for my new phone

  • Nina Fichtner
    Nina Fichtner  8 months ago

    Does this go on the floor
    Still puts it on head

  • Oshin Michael
    Oshin Michael  8 months ago

    You can even put a baby in the pineapple dog bed its perfect for a baby to sleep

  • Alex Awesome
    Alex Awesome  9 months ago +1

    "Your pooey shoes"
    "holes, other than holes" Got me dying