Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and LeBron are the only Lakers worth keeping - Jalen Rose | Get Up!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 14, 2019
  • Jalen Rose and Frank Vogel review the positive takeaways from LeBron James' inaugural season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Jalen and Vogel both agree Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and LeBron James are the only players on the Lakers' roster worth keeping ahead of 2019 NBA free agency.✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube:✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on


  • TheOfficialStealz  4 months ago

    Espn hate brandon Ingram for some reason lol dude could avg 30 for a month and they'd still say the Lakers shouldnt keep him

  • ZERTZ  3 months ago

    TheOfficialStealz thy also hat lonzo

  • BornInfinite87  4 months ago

    He’s hella inconsistent bro.

  • Ant  4 months ago

    If the Lakers get rid of Ingram, they'll regret it. He'll be another D'Angelo Russell.

  • Armando Prieto  4 months ago


  • BannedOnTV  4 months ago

    Jason Vorhees you know how hypocritical you sound? Ingram and Kuzma are on bad teams right now and they don’t look better Russell who’s actually the best player on a good team. He’s on a playoff team no matter how you slice it. The BROOKLYN NETS are a better team than the LEBRON JAMES LAKERS. Out of the 4 players we drafted top 7 in the lottery, he’s the first and only all star and that’s a FACT. How the fuck can you say somebody who just became an all star in his 4th year has no future in the league a...

  • Andrew Castelli  4 months ago

    Ingram is the second best player on the team and EASILY has the highest potential out of all the young players on the Lakers. All the lakers need to do is get a better all around team in free agency and run it back. You don’t need another Star. Someone like Vucevic would work great.

  • bleak cloud  3 months ago

    @Hepatitis C Ya Later I didnt say ingram isnt a good player or will improve to be great one, im saying kuzma started out better in the league with no expectations whatsoever on his shoulders but even then he proved to be worthy of a lakers spot. Kuzma is healthy and well, if you also take that into account long term wise everyone will be going with kuzma.

  • @bleak cloud kuzma had multiple years in college. Ingram was 18 or 19 year old rookie. Even then he had 9 points than jumped to 16 or 17 his 2nd year but he could have had more if he didn't miss a lot of games and he is averaging 18 or 19 this season and he still missed a lot of games now due to the blood clots. BI is legit

  • Adam Leon  4 months ago

    The Brandon Ingram hate is real. wow

  • Armando Prieto  4 months ago

    If he was a good player, I think he would get less hate

  • Pedro Meraz  4 months ago

    Bryan business is business

  • A Friendly Hobo  4 months ago

    Ingram has shown he is the only other laker other than LeBron that can gets his. Plus he plays defense. Something Kuzma can't do.

  • Tulia  4 months ago

    @DeAndre Page Injury prone isn't a thing.. People said that about Curry, people said that about Kyrie.. they're still playing and best in the league as point guards. Nice try though. He'd be better off in phoenix than with Lebron James.

  • Tbe Menace  4 months ago

    DeAndre Page are you a idiot he literally stepped on another players foot while dribbling anybody can do that dummy it’s basketball you act like he broke his arm or tore his Achilles or some

  • Ronaldofan788  4 months ago

    love all the young core but they gotta put some respect on brandon ingram

  • andy lee  4 months ago

    So funny the media prefers Kuzma but lebron prefers Bi. Bi has way more versatility.

  • Purple & Gold  4 months ago

    @andy lee and I can tell after the all star really shows how LeBron dislikes Kuzma's weakass game..dude only cares about scoring, and don't put a lot of effort in boxing out and defense a bigman, LeBron prefers bigman like Thompson, Bosh,Love who can score , rebound well etc...Kuzma is literally useless when he's struggling....and LeBron trusts Ingram more , I'm a diehard laker fan I watch every game I can tell he doesn't want Kuzma as our main pf...and he loves Ingram's ability........

  • Marko Todorović  4 months ago

    @AlphaDwg Exactly. These dudes with their reaching...he had to say something about all of his young teammatesBron being corny and fake

  • LA Clippers  4 months ago

    Lakers actually have a worse record this year without Lonzo than without LeBron. Just sayin'. Lonzo actually plays hard on both sides.

  • Steve J  4 months ago

    Remind me lol, when did Lonzo drop 51 points on the Miami Heat this year? Oh right never..So until further notice, it’s LeBron #1 player on the team, and everyone else is tradable

  • isaac Knight  4 months ago

    LA Clippers you mean gash Zoe

  • Fernando Gandara  4 months ago

    KUZ gets his points from 3s. BI does more as a complete player

  • Michael Jordan  4 months ago

    Kuzma has made 6 3s out of 32 attempts the last 10 games

  • CanEHdian7  4 months ago

    Disrespecting (healthy) Ingram smh...