Finally: The Flooded Copart Cadillac SRX RUNS!!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 16, 2018
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  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  a years ago +59

    If you enjoyed this video, you will LOVE tomorrow's video. I do something unthinkable with the Cadillac SRX and reveal a NEW PURCHASE! ;) Stay tuned!!!

  • chubby royston
    chubby royston  7 days ago

    That's a dumb design on those front light boxs now I know why I have so many hard jobs on my saab 93 one word gm

  • tom iden
    tom iden  1 months ago

    Wondering if he was injecting water from the fuel tank back into the engine.

  • HollyWood Soeder
    HollyWood Soeder  1 months ago

    Such a cringe worthy video

  • HollyWood Soeder
    HollyWood Soeder  1 months ago

    It blows my mind how you never bring up checking the gas or anything involving gas until you’ve tried everything else LOL

  • Jamie King
    Jamie King  2 months ago

    When all else fails...Bang!! Bang!!....Bang! Bang! Bang!!!....LMAO Keep Grindin'-

  • Michael Christianson

    Are you a moron? Where are your jack stands??????????

  • suntzuwarsword1964
    suntzuwarsword1964  2 months ago

    I love watching all copart videos..thanks for posting

  • Rock Fish
    Rock Fish  2 months ago

    Insurance froud!!

  • Carlos Osegura
    Carlos Osegura  3 months ago

    Hell yeah that's what's up man

  • Jeffrey Lindley
    Jeffrey Lindley  3 months ago

    I hope you had jack stands under the SUV.

  • Darryl Goben
    Darryl Goben  3 months ago

    Prime it for god sakes

  • Kelly Hamilton
    Kelly Hamilton  3 months ago

    Needed a new relay box for turn signals :)

  • Christopher Hylton
    Christopher Hylton  3 months ago

    Yes GM really screwed the pooch when designing they crab. If ANY of you light bulb blow, replace EVERY bulb in the front bumper. If it needs a tag light, don't just replace the burnt out one, replace them both (they are 194 bulbs and cheap). Better yet, come to the shop and pay someone stupid enough to work on these thing for a living and pay me and avoid the headache (unless you are a glutton for punishment).

  • gibson jes
    gibson jes  5 months ago +1

    Really appreciate the effort and time you put in making your videos. Watching from 🇬🇭

  • 1smokeydog1
    1smokeydog1  5 months ago +2

    lucky you didnt burn new starter up cranking it for so long.....never do that.

  • Duke
    Duke  5 months ago

    Dude, NEVER trust a car jack. You should have used a Jack stand before crawling under that car. WOW!

  • Chris Burgett
    Chris Burgett  5 months ago

    Guarantee you it's bad rings.

  • Chris Burgett
    Chris Burgett  5 months ago

    Why would you rev it up after it finally started? Amateur move

  • Jesse
    Jesse  5 months ago

    Looks nice!