Can Trump Go Too Far or Will Racism Get Him Reelected

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Will Donald Trump's Racism get him elected again? Is there anything Trump could do that would be too far for Republicans and the American voter to support? ➡️Please Subscribe to Our Channel: SUPPORT THE PROGRAM► Join us on Patreon: where you can also watch a re-run of the three-hour program at any time AUDIO PODCASTS► Subscribe today: NEWSLETTER► Free subscription: THOM► AMAZON :► BLOG :► FACEBOOK :► INSTAGRAM :► PATREON : ► TWITTER :► WEBSITE :► YOUTUBE : THE PROGRAMThe Thom Hartmann Program is the leading progressive political talk radio show for political news and comments about Government politics, be it Liberal or Conservative, plus special guests and callers#MoreFromThom✔ Amazon links are affiliate links


  • James Vickers
    James Vickers  1 months ago +15

    This is the real amerikkka 🇺🇸

  • PaithanNL
    PaithanNL  1 months ago +37

    America wake up! Fascism is real!

  • Protiti Khan
    Protiti Khan  1 months ago +26

    If the Democrats had any sense they would tie each and every Republican to their Grand Dragon president.

  • Tony Casarrubia
    Tony Casarrubia  1 months ago +16

    It's difficult to believe that an identified racist can win a second term.

  • David Horan
    David Horan  1 months ago +13

    Trump may already have gone too far, His inability to be remotely consistent in anything but his racism has left that being his one true defining characteristic, besides maybe ineptitude.

  • Chad Simmons
    Chad Simmons  1 months ago +43

    Trump isn't the problem. Trump's base is the problem.
    Bernie can get the rust belt.
    Up to Pelosi snobs to make a choice. Trump, or Bernie.

  • Dave Carl
    Dave Carl  1 months ago +13

    Unfortunately there is a fight for the heart of the democratic party and trump is using it to his advantage.....

  • Jeffrey Lorien
    Jeffrey Lorien  1 months ago +6

    Thom, your numbers are way off. 27 percent dem and 26 percent repub. 46 percent independent. Gallup poll June 2019.

  • Erik Jones
    Erik Jones  1 months ago +7

    Whoever the democrat nominee is has to be able to turn red states blue! For example, I would aim to turn Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Georgia and Wisconsin blue. If the democrats want to win in 2020 they can't just relay on the same old playbook, and playing it safe. Democrats must have there own game plan. They have to go into areas that are RED and change them BLUE.

  • Charles Browne
    Charles Browne  1 months ago +3

    The best evidence of racism is the continuing existence of so-called races. If (where) there is no racism, the races would soon socially and sexually integrate. The distribution of physical characteristics would be unimodal, not bi- (tri? multi?) modal.
    The Russians have the social media data of which it is taboo to speak.

  • Zorka Kelly
    Zorka Kelly  1 months ago +8

    Melania gooo back to were mo born in US..
    TRUMP SHOULD BE DEPORTED TO GERMANY..SCOTLAND would not take him.!...Hitlers Bunker is right State for Fascist Trump..

  • M Ryan
    M Ryan  1 months ago +2

    Hate doesn't make America great
    Good work Thom Hartman! Thanks

  • Erik Jones
    Erik Jones  1 months ago +5

    The democrats can when in 2020 , but they have change a tradition red state, blue. For example, turn Arizona or Michigan BLUE!

  • James Redic
    James Redic  1 months ago +3

    This country was built on racism...and it's going down on racism.

  • C. D.
    C. D.  1 months ago +2

    This country will not survive another four years of Trump.

  • NetMoverSitan
    NetMoverSitan  1 months ago +2

    "Those that trade freedom for security deserve neither".

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long  1 months ago +2

    He is starting to drown in his crap. Still need to vote 🗳

  • snipervictim
    snipervictim  1 months ago +1

    In a word YES it will work for them !

  • Lonnie Dobbins
    Lonnie Dobbins  1 months ago

    Not if democrats don't steal the election from the people!.
    If Democrats Dictate Anyone As The Candidate That The People Didn't Choose Trump Will Win Again.

    SUPPORTING TRUTH  1 months ago +2

    What most people are in the dark about, is, that politics as we have known it to be, has been taken over by the demonic forces of Satan. The transgressions of man have come into full. It's no longer about Republican and Democrat ideology. The world is on the verge of Bible prophecy unfolding at warped speed, but only those who are watching through the eyes of one who has truly made Jesus his Lord will understand what is really happening. No better time than now to get right with God. What ever it is that is causing you to wait about getting right with God, will only make it easier for your heart to reach a point of no return - full on solidification of your heart because of your inability to love truth. And the irony of it is, you probably think of yourself as a truth-seeker.